Minor program

Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students are invited to take advantage of our minor program. The program is intended for those preparing for a career serving Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. It will especially benefit Indigenous students intending to serve in Indigenous communities. 

Students may obtain a minor degree in Indigenous studies by combining the general program requirements in Indigenous Studies with a major, honours or general program in another department or faculty.

Students in the program will be required to complete two 1.5 unit introductory courses:

  • IS 101 Indigenous Foundations, which provides a basic introduction to Indigenous Studies, with an emphasis on the formation, maintenance and diversity of Indigenous identities and on the ways Indigenous peoples have experienced and resisted colonialism.
  • IS 201 Introduction to Indigenous Studies, which gives an interdisciplinary approach to Indigenous subject matters, with special emphasis on cultural and socio-political processes that shape Indigenous experiences and realities in local and global spheres.

You can find the complete description of course requirements here:  academic calendar