Programs and courses

Student sitting in front of a window in First Peoples House looking at pond
Bradley Thom is an active member of the Native Students Union council while completing his degree in political science with a minor in Indigenous studies.

Why choose UVic Indigenous Studies?

Our program creates spaces where Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can build community. It helps forge new alliances for societal transformation, community resurgence and decolonization. The program is open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Student experiences

Visit the Native Students Union for student testimonials and experiences.


We offer both an Indigenous Studies major and a minor as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree. Our flexible programs draw on relevant courses and collaborative relationships across the university.

We emphasize hands-on, land-based learning. You'll develop the skills necessary to work respectfully and productively with Indigenous communities and organizations.


Core courses will introduce you to the field of Indigenous Studies. You'll explore:

  • the diversity of Indigenous identities, experiences and resistance movements, locally and globally
  • a critical interdisciplinary approach to the social, political, cultural and historical contexts shaping the lives of Indigenous peoples
  • the relationship of land and water to Indigenous pedagogies and politics

Approved electives will give you a broad view of the important issues in the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples. Students in the major program take upper level courses in the following areas:

  • Arts, Literatures and Languages
  • Histories, Politics, Laws and Lands
  • Education, Health and Healing
  • Community and Land-Based Learning