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Graduate interdisciplinary programs

Cultural, Social & Political Thought (CSPT)

The Interdisciplinary Program in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) is open to selected MA and PhD students in Anthropology, English, Environmental Studies, French, Germanic and Slavic Studies, History, Political Science and Sociology.

You can take this program concentration in addition to your disciplinary thesis project. You’ll complete coursework from the participating units across campus and engage with contemporary issues facing our globalized and diverse world.


You should apply to the CSPT program when you apply for entry into your MA or PhD program. Choose the CSPT option for Political Science.

You must be accepted into the MA or PhD program in Political Science to be admitted to CSPT. 

Graduate admissions

MA program requirements 

PhD program requirements

Certificate in Indigenous Nationhood (IN)

The Certificate Program in Indigenous Nationhood offers a unique multidisciplinary approach to the study of Indigenous law, politics and governance. The program brings together UVic faculty from Indigenous Governance, Political Science and Law.

The certificate is designed to be completed in 1-2 years, and can be incorporated into your MA or PhD program of study.

Program requirements for political science students