Honour Roll

Budd Hall received the 2021 Research Leadership Award from Community Based Research Canada. Hall, the UNESCO Co-Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, is being recognized for the impact of his accomplishments and contributions to community-based research, for his guidance on a host of successful initiatives and for shaping the organization into its current form.

John Borrows has been appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada (O.C.) for his scholarly work on Indigenous rights and legal traditions, which have had a significant impact across Canada and abroad.

Royal Society of Canada elects UVic researchers (L-R) William Carroll, Lin Cai, Bonnie Leadbeater and John Archibald, pictured at Finnerty Gardens in September 2020.

Royal Society of Canada 2020. Professors John Archibald (linguistics), William Carroll (sociology) and Bonnie Leadbeater (psychology) are elected new fellows, while Lin Cai (electrical and computer engineering) is named a new member to the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

UVic Cosmologist Julio Navarro

Cosmologist Julio Navarro recognized as a Citation Laureate—the first for a University of Victoria researcher.

Cecilia Benoit was awarded the 2020 Killam Prize in Social Sciences from the Canada Council for the Arts. From advocating for the recognition of Indigenous and non-Indigenous midwives, to working with street-involved youth, to empowering sex workers to become their own health advocates, sociologist Cecilia Benoit has made vital contributions to the advancement of class, race and gender equality in Canada.

From poets to physicists, UVic's faculty, students, staff and alumni regularly receive local, national, and international recognition for their efforts as researchers, educators, athletes and writers.


3M National Student Fellowship

The 3M National Student Fellowship honours up to ten full-time undergraduate college and undergraduate university students at Canadian institutions who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives and at their college or university. These students embrace a vision of quality education that enhances their academic experience and beyond.

  • Samuel Seshadri (Economics), 2021
  • Hanna Jacobsen (Sociology and Gender Studies) 2020
  • Madeleine Kenyon (Philosophy) 2020
  • Michael Graeme (Anthropology and Envronmental Studies), 2018
  • Maxwell Nicholson (Economics), 2018
  • Cara Samuel (Psychology), 2018
  • Sarah Khan (Biochemistry), 2017
  • Paul Junhyuck Kim (Biochemistry), 2016
  • Navarana Smith (Biology and Environmental Studies), 2015
  • Tye Landels (English), 2014

3M National Teaching Fellowship

Since 1986 the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada have rewarded exceptional contributions to teaching and learning at Canadian universities.

The following UVic faculty belong to a community of 3M National Teaching Fellows committed to enhancing teaching and learning at UVic and through larger collaborative initiatives supported by the Society. They embody the highest ideals of teaching excellence and scholarship.

  • Dr. Brent Mainprize (Gustavson School of Business) 2020
  • Edōsdi—Dr. Judy Thompson (Indigenous Education) 2020
  • Dr. Helga Thorson (Germanic and Slavic Studies), 2019
  • Dr. David Blades (Curriculum and Instruction), 2016
  • Prof. Jin-Sun Yoon (Child and Youth Care), 2015
  • Dr. A.R. (Elango) Elangovan (Gustavson School of Business), 2012
  • Dr. Gweneth Doane (Nursing), 2006
  • Prof. Jamie Cassels (Law), 2002
  • Dr. Marty Wall (Psychology), 2001
  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2000
  • Dr. David Berry (Chemistry), 2000
  • Dr. Thomas Cleary (English), 1994
  • Dr. Elizabeth Tumasonis (History in Art), 1992
  • Dr. Andy Farquharson (Social Work), 1986
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American Alliance for Theatre Education Research Award

Open to members or non-members of AATE, this award honors scholars whose research contributes significantly to the field of drama/theatre with or for young people.

  • Monica Prendergast (Theatre), 2019

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

John Laughlin Young Scientist Award

  • Magdalena Bazalova-Carter (Physics) 2018

American Geophysical Union Fellowship

This AGU Fellowship is given to individual AGU members who have made exceptional scientific contributions and attained acknowledged eminence in the fields of Earth and space sciences. Since the establishment of the AGU Fellows program in 1962, and in accordance with AGU bylaws, no more than 0.1 percent of the total membership of AGU is recognized annually.

  • Sybil Seitzinger (Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions), 2019
  • Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2014

American Mathematical Society Fellowship

The Fellows of the American Mathematical Society program recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics.

  • Ian Putnam (Mathematics and Statistics), 2012

American Meteorological Society Henry Stommel Research Medal

The Henry Stommel Research Award is granted to researchers in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the understanding of the dynamics and physics of the ocean.

  • Dr. Chris Garrett (Earth and Ocean Science/Physics), 2001

American Psychological Association

Elected fellowship recognizes unusual or outstanding contribution or performance in the field of psychology and national or international impact.

  • Catherine Mateer (Psychology)
  • Esther Strauss (Psychology)

American Physical Society Fellowship

Any active APS member is eligible for nomination and election to Fellowship. The criterion for election is exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise; e.g., outstanding physics research, important applications of physics, leadership in or service to physics, or significant contributions to physics education. Fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one's professional peers.

  • Dr. Tom Tiedje (Engingeering)

Ted Aoki Award for Distinguished Service to Canadian Curriculum Studies

This award recognizes individuals who have made major contributions through research, teaching, and/or professional service in the field of curriculum studies in Canada.
  • Antoinette Oberg (Curriculum and Instruction), 2005

Association for Computing Machinery Fellowship

The ACM FEllow designation has been bestowed upon those ACM Members who have distinguished themselves by outstanding techinical and professional achievements in the field of information technology.

Dr. Valerie King (Computer Science), 2015

Association for the Education of Teachers of Science Outstanding Teacher Award

Recipients are chosen from science educators world wide for their competency in teaching, research activities, science curricula development, development of science teacher education programs, leadership in science education and leadership outside of science education.

  • Dr. Wolff Michael Roth (Education), 1999

Association of Canadian Studies Award of Merit

Given annually to a person, group or organization that has continuously and significantly contributed to the development and/or dissemination of knowledge about Canada.

  • Dr. Lawrence McCann (Geography), 1994

Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice from the Registered Nurses Association of B.C.

Presented to individuals with a broad base of experience who are recognized experts in a number of areas, this award recognizes those who excel in administration of nursing practice, nursing education or nursing research.

  • Carolyn Attridge (Nursing), 1999
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Albert S. Barber Cooperative Education Award

The award is presented by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education board of directors in recognition of exceptional contributions to the advancement of co-op education in Canada and is sponsored by the University of Waterloo.

  • Joanne Thomas (Cooperative Education), 2004

BC Book Prizes

The prizes celebrate the achievements of British Columbia writers and publishers.

  • Prof. Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2013
  • Prof. Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2010
  • Prof. Jack Hodgins (Writing), 1999
  • Prof. Patrick Lane (Writing), 1996
  • Prof. W.D. Valgardson (Writing), 1993
  • Prof. Cameron Young (Writing), 1998

Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence

  • Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2013
  • Jack Hodgins (Writing), 2006
  • Patrick Lane (Writing), 2007

Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

  • Marilyn Bowering (Writing), 1998
  • Bill Gaston (Writing), 2013
  • Lee Henderson (Writing), 2009
  • Jack Hodgins (Writing), 1999
  • Steven Price (Writing), 2020
  • W.D. Valgardson (Writing), 1993

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

  • Don McKay (Writing), 2007
  • Philip Kevin Paul (Writing) 2004
  • Jan Zwicky (Writing) 2005

Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize

  • Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2010

Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize

  • Stephen Hume (Writing) 2009
  • Stephen Hume (Writing) 2005

BC Achievement Foundation

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation was launched to showcase the best of the province, inspire young people and celebrate BC's great achievers. It is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing British Columbia's spirit of excellence. One award the Foundation offers is the BC Community Achievement Award.

  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2010
  • Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (Linguistics), 2012
  • Bonnie Leadbeater (Psychology), 2014
  • Bernadette Pauly (Nursing), 2016
  • Andrea Walsh (Anthropology), 2020

British Institute of Physics

Rutherford Medal

  • Alan Astbury (Astronomy and Physics) 1986
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Caledon Award for Excellence in Analytical Chemistry

The Caledon Award is given to a person who has made significant scientific, technological or administrative contributions to the analytical chemistry of trace organic residues.

  • Coreen Hamilton (Chemistry), 2012

Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs program helps universities to attract and retain the best talent from around the world, assisting universities like the University of Victoria to achieve research excellence in natural sciences and engineering, health sciences, and social sciences and humanities.

Chairholders advance the frontiers of knowledge in their fields, not only through their own work, but also by teaching and supervising students and coordinating the work of other researchers.

Canada's History Society

Pierre Berton Award

  • John Lutz (History) 2008

Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship

  • Dr. Jen Bornemann (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Thomas Darcie (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Ned Djilali (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Sadik Dost (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Aaron Gulliver (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Hoefer (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Christopher Kennedy (Civil Engineering)
  • Dr. Hausi Muller (Computer Science)
  • Dr. Afzal Suleman (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Tom Tiedje (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Canadian Academy of Health Sciences Fellowship

The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) provides timely, informed and unbiased assessments of urgent issues affecting the health of Canadians. CAHS Fellows are those who have a history of outstanding performance in the academic health sciences in Canada.

  • Dr. Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2013
  • Dr. Christoph Borchers (Biochemistry and Microbiology), 2013
  • Dr. Elizabeth Borycki (Health Information Science), 2018
  • Dr. Neena Chappell (Sociology), 2013
  • Dr. Scott Hofer (Psychology), 2013
  • Dr. Andre Kushniruk (Health Information Science), 2014
  • Dr. Francis Lau (Health Information Science), 2014
  • Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater (Psychology), 2014
  • Dr. Bernie Pauly (Nursing, CISUR), 2020
  • Dr. Jeff Reading (Public Health and Social Policy)
  • Dr. Ryan Rhodes (Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education), 2017
  • Dr. Irving Rootman (HSD)
  • Dr. Kelli Stajduhar (Nursing), 2017
  • Dr. Timothy Stockwell (Centre for Addictions Research BC), 2012

Canadian Academy of Nursing


  • Kelli Stajduhar (Nursing, Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health) 2020

Canadian Agricultural Economics Society

Publication of Enduring Quality Award
  • G. Cornelis van Kooten (Economics) 2011
Fellow of the CAES
  • G. Cornelis van Kooten (Economics) 2012

Canadian Association for Co-operative Education Albert S. Barber Award

The Albert S. Barber Award was instituted in 1982 to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of the philosophy and practice of Co-operative Education in Canada.  The award honours Dr. Albert (Bert) S. Barber, the “Father of Co-operative Education in Canada,” who played a major role in paving the way for the promotion and advancement of Co-operative Education in Canada.  As a proponent of the co-operative concept, Dr. Barber consulted with universities and colleges across the country and abroad, leading to the introduction of Co-operative Education programs at many educational institutions.  

  • Dr. Norah McRae (Co-operative Education and Career Services, and Community University Engagement), 2016

Canadian Association of Gerontology Betty Haven Award in Longitudinal Research

  • Holly Tuokko (Psychology), 2009

Canadian Association of Physics Herzberg Medal

The Herzberg medal is awarded for outstanding achievement in any field of research by a Canadian physicist who has successfully defended their doctoral thesis within the last 12 years at the time of the award,excluding an allowance of one year per child for parental leave.

  • Dr. Tom Tiedje (Engineering), 1989

Canadian Association of Law Teachers Award

The annual award is given for outstanding contributions to legal scholarship and education in areas such as teaching curriculum development and law reform activity.

  • Professor Jamie Cassels (Law), 1999

Canadian Association for Theatre Research Richard Plant Award

Named in honour of the association’s co-founder and a prolific contributor to Canadian theatre scholarship, this award is given annually to the best English-language article on a Canadian theatre or performance topic.

  • Dr. Alexandra (Sasha) Kovacs, 2018

Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE) awards

The CAUCE awards of distinction are given annually to recognize the exemplary work of continuing educators who market continuing education programs.

  • Christina Gambrell (English Language Centre), 2002; best overall program website
  • Gail Woods, (Division of Continuing Studies), 2002: best thematic marketing materials; best advertisement

Canadian Association of University Teachers Equity Award

  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2017

Canadian Astronomical Society - CASCA

Peter G. Martin Award for mid-career achievement

  • Sara Ellison (Astronomy) 2021

Canadian Bureau for International Education Awards

In recognition of extraordinary contributions, of national or international magnitude, to the field of international education.

  • Master of Global Business (Gustavson School of Business), Outstanding Program Award, 2012
  • Ms. Jane Collins (Gustavson School of Business), Internationalization Service Award, 2004
  • Dr. Bill Neilson (Law, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives), Internationalization Leadership Award, 2004
  • Dr. Alan Pence (Child and Youth Care), International Education Leadership Award, 2004

Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs Career Achievement Award

This award recognizes an individual whose achievements have made a significant impact in any field of biology. 

  • Verena Tunnicliffe (Biology, Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2019

Canadian Historical Association

Clio Prize

  • John Lutz (History) 2009
  • Wendy Wickwire (History, Environmental Studies) 2020

Ferguson Prize

  • Greg Blue (History) 2009

Canadian History of Education Association

Founders' Prize

  • Eric Sager (History) 2009

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Senior scientists with strong international reputations are appointed as program members.

  • Henk Hoekstra, Physics and Astronomy (scholar)
  • Werner Israel, Physics and Astronomy (fellow)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Institutes of Health Research funds health research across Canada to create health knowledge and to translate that knowledge into practical applications.

CIHR Betty Havens Award for Knowledge Translation

  • Dr. Neena Chappell (Sociology) 2012

CIHR Gold Leaf Prizes are among the highest honours that can be bestowed on an individual or team for excellence in health research and its translation into benefits for Canadians. Each CIHR Gold Leaf Prize has a value of $100,000.

These prizes cover achievements across all pillars of research (biomedical, clinical, health services and policy, population and public health) and will be awarded every two years.

CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Transformation

  • Dr. Charlotte Loppie (School of Public Health & Social Policy) 2017

CIHR Trailblazer Award in Population and Public Health Research is a career achievement award that recognizes exceptional contributions in the area of population and public health research.

  • Dr. Cecilia Benoit (Sociology, CISUR) 2020

CIHR Rising Star Award recognizes emerging health services and policy researchers

  • Dr. Kiffer Card (Public Health and Social Policy) 2020

Canadian Political Science Association

C.B. MacPherson Prize

  • James Tully (Political Science) 2010

Canadian Psychological Association Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology

This award is presented to CPA Members or Fellows who have made a significant contribution to education and training in psychology in Canada. In whatever form the individual’s contributions are regarded as distinguished, the impact of the work shall have been on education and training in psychology in Canada.

  • Catherine Costigan (Psychology), 2019

Canadian Public Health Association

Ron Draper Health Promotion Award 

  • Bernie Pauly (CISUR, Nursing) 2021

Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science Donald O. Hebb Distinguished Contribution Award

This award shall be made to an individual who, in the opinion of the selection committee, has made a significant contribution to the study of brain, behaviour, and cognitive science. 

  • Michael Masson (Psychology), 2018

Canadian Society for Chemistry

Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry

  • Robin Hicks (Chemistry)

Clara Benson Award

  • Cornelia Bohne (Chemistry)

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering


  • Nedjib Djilali (Engineering) 2003

Centenary Medal of Distinction from the UBC School of Nursing

Kelli Stajduhar (Nursing and Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health, 2019)

Susan Duncan (Nursing, 2019)


Chemical Institute of Canada

W.A.E. McBryde Medal

  • Alexandre Brolo (Chemistry) 2020

CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar

The program funds and supports researchers within five years of their first academic appointment, helping them build research networks and develop essential skills needed to become leaders in global research. Each scholar will receive $100,000 in research support and is appointed to one of CIFAR’s 14 research programs for two years. Scholars have the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from the distinguished fellows in their programs, contribute to ongoing discussions within the program and forge new collaborations with the CIFAR fellows who come from  diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

  • Dr. Alona Fyshe (Computer Science), 2016

Community-Based Research Canada

Research Leadership Award

  • Budd Hall (UNESCO Chair, Public Administration) 2021

Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. - Academic of the Year Award

The Academic of the Year Award recognizes one individual for excellence in the generation, transmission or implementation of ideas.

  • Dr. Sibylle Artz (Child and Youth Care), 1998
  • Dr. Jessica Ball (Child and Youth Care), 2009
  • Dr. Nigel Livingston (Biology, CanAssist), 2005
  • Dr. Reg Mitchell (Chemistry), 2000
  • Dr. Michael Prince (Social Policy), 2014
  • Dr. Kelli Stajduhar (Nursing), 2017
  • Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 2002
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2007

Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. - Career Achievement Award

In recognition of sustained and outstanding contribution to the wider community by an individual or a group of the major portion of their career.

  • Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (Linguistics), 2021
  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2018
  • Dr. Eric Sager (History), 2012
  • Dr. Elaine Gallagher (Nursing), 2008
  • Dr. Neena Chappell (Sociology), 2004
  • Dr. Nancy Sherwood (Biology), 2002

Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. - Early in Career Award

The Early in Career Award - Sponsored by Scotiabank recognizes outstanding contributions made by scholars at relatively early stages in their careers. It is recognized that career patterns differ and so we encourage nominators to explain how this award is appropriate for their nominee. As a guide only, early in career is often defined as being "no more than five years from completion of a doctoral degree or equivalent" or "within three years of the initial appointment as an Assistant Professor". The adjudication committee will determine the appropriateness of nominations.

  • Nathan Lachowsky (Public Health and Social Policy), 2019
  • Dr. Chris Darimont (Geography), 2015
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Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning

Applications are invited from individuals with a demonstrable record of innovation(s) in areas including pedagogical approaches, teaching methods, course design, curriculum development, assessment methods, various tools and technologies that enhance learning and have had a significant impact on post-secondary education.

  • Dr. Brent Mainprize (Gustavson School of Business), 2014

Digital Health Canada

Digital Health Canada (formerly COACH), is Canada's Health Informatics association, providing access to a diverse community of accomplished, influential professionals who work passionately to make a difference in advancing healthcare through information technology. The Leadership in the Field of Health Informatics Award recognizes outstanding ongoing contributions by an individual in the health informatics community in Canada.

  • Dr. Andre Kushniruk (School of Health Informatics), 2012
  • Dr. Francis Lau (School of Health Informatics), 2010
  • Dr. Dennis Protti (School of Health Informatics), 2008

Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

A book prize awarded by the West Coast Book Prize Society awarded to the author(s) of the best work of poetry. The Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize is supported by International Web ExPress and an anonymous donor. 

  • Gregory Scofield (Writing), 1994

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Engineers and Geoscientists BC Teaching Award for Excellence in Engineering and Geoscience Education

The President’s Awards are British Columbia’s top awards for professional engineers and professional geoscientists and have been developed to recognize the exemplary and outstanding professional, technical and community contributions made by members of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia. Since the inception of the association’s awards program in 1965, over 275 individuals have received these top honours from their peers.

  • Rishi Gupta (Engineering), 2019

European Community Studies Association Canada Teaching Excellence Award

  • Amy Verdun (Polticial Science), 2018

European Medal of Poetry and Art (Homer Medal)

Created in 2015 in association with the European Union, the Homer Medal is awarded annually by a jury to outstanding creators in the worlds of literature and the visual arts. Previous winners include Turkish poet Ataol Behramoğlu, Armenian poet Gagik Davtyan, Iraqi poet Gulala Nouri and American poet Stanley H. Barkan.

  • Tim Lilburn (Writing), 2017

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Canada-U.S. Fulbright Scholars

The Canada-US Fulbright Program is the world’s premier academic exchange program.

  • Kirstin Campbell (2004)
  • Lyana Patrick (2004)
  • Ian Scott (2004)
  • Benjamin Berger (2003)
  • Naomi Pope (2002)
  • Sarina Corsi (1998)
  • Elizabeth Smailes (1995)

Fantasia Fair Transgender Pioneer Award

The Transgender Pioneer Award is a lifetime achievement award to those who have sacrificed their careers, their families, and their fortunes to change the world so trans people could begin to come together in safety and comfort.

  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2018

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Federation established the Scholarly Book Prizes to recognize publishing excellence in the humanities and the social sciences. 

Canada Prize in the Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Wendy Wickwire (History, Environmental Studies) 2020

Harold Adams Innis Prize for the best English-language book in the social sciences.

  • Rebecca Johnson (Law), 2003/04
  • John Lutz (History) 2010
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Gender Identity Research and Education Society Annual Award

  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2011

Geological Association of Canada

E.R. Ward Neale Medal

  • Eileen Van der Flier-Keller (Geography) 2009

Logan Medal

  • Chris Barnes (Earth and Ocean Sciences) 2010

Giga-Hertz Award

Electronic music

  • Dániel Péter Biró (Music) 2010

Governor General's Awards

The Governor General's Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case were created in 1979 to mark the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Persons Case, which changed the course of history for women in Canada.

  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology) 2016

The Governor General's Innovation Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding Canadian individuals, teams and organizations—trailblazers and creators who contribute to our country’s success, who help shape our future and who inspire the next generation.

  • John Borrows (Law) 2020

The Governor General's Awards in Literature are intended to foster the development of literature in Canada and is presented by the Canada Council for the Arts, which is an arms-length institution administered by the Ministry of Canadian Heritage.

  • Prof. Lorna Crozier (Writing), 1992
  • Prof. Jack Hodgins (Writing), 1979
  • Kevin Kerr (Drama) 2002
  • Prof. Patrick Lane (Writing), 1978
  • Tim Lilburn (Poetry), 2003
  • Don McKay (Poetry), 2000, 1991
  • Joan MacLeod (Drama), 1991
  • Dr. Stephen Scobie (English), 1980
  • Dr. Jan Zwicky (Philosophy), 1999

The Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts are Canada’s foremost distinctions for excellence in visual and media arts.

  • Sandra Meigs (Visual Arts, Painting), 2015
  • Michael Morris (Visual Arts, Performance Art), 2011
  • Mowry Baden (Visual Arts, Sculpture), 2006

Guggenheim Fellowships

The Foundation offers Fellowships to further the development of scholars and artists by assisting them to engage in research in any field of knowledge and creation in any of the arts, under the freest possible conditions and irrespective of race, color, or creed.

  • Christian Marois (Astronomy and Physics) 2020
  • Dániel Péter Biró (Music), 2017
  • Mowry Baden (Visual Arts), 2014
  • Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Science), 2008
  • Julio Navarro (Astronomy), 2003
  • Anthony Edwards (English), 1988
  • Chris Garrett (Physics), 1981
  • Job Kujit (Biology), 1964

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Hal Call Mattachine Scholar Award

  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 1996

History of Economics Society

Distinguished Fellow

Distinguished Fellow of the Society is presented to those individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the study of the history of economics.

  • Dr. Malcolm Rutherford (Economics), 2014
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IndSpire Awards

Law and Justice

  • Val Napoleon (Law) 2021

Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Awards

This award is given by the Academy of Management, a leading management education and research body based out of Chicago, and is designed to recognize a university for the quality of its entrepreneurship program.

  • UVic Faculty of Business (2000)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellowship

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.

  • Dr. Andreas Antoniou (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 1982
  • Dr. Lin Cai (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2020
  • Dr. Wolfgang Hoefer (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 1991
  • Dr. Ashoka Bhat (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 1998
  • Dr. Lu Wu-sheng (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 1999
  • Dr. Thomas Darcie (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2000
  • Dr. Jens Bornemann (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2002
  • Dr. Reuven Gordon (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2019

Institute of Public Administration in Canada

Pierre De Celles Award

  • John Langford (Public Administration) 2009

International Association of Education Teachers in Science

Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year Award

  • Dr. Larry Yore (Curriculum and Instruction), 2005

Internationalization Leadership Award

In recognition of outstanding leadership in the internationalization of Canadian education and/or the international education profession.

  • Bill Neilson (Law)
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Jean Monnet Chair of Excellence

The Jean Monnet chair is presented through the Jean Monnet Project funded by the body responsible for higher education within the European Union.

  • Dr. Amy Verdun (European Studies), 2005
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Killam Prize

The Canada Council Killam Prizes were created to honour eminent Canadian scholars and scientists actively engaged in research, whether in industry, government agencies or universities. Five prizes of $100,000 are awarded each year in recognition of outstanding career achievements (1 prize in each of the 5 fields).

  • Dr. Cecilia Benoit (Sociology, CISUR) 2020
  • Professor John Borrows (Law), 2017
  • Dr. James Tully (Political Science), 2010

Killam Research Fellowship

The Canada Council for the Arts awards Killam Research Fellowships to support outstanding scholars (normally full professors at Canadian universities and research institutes) to carry out their groundbreaking projects in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering and interdisciplinary studies within these fields.

  • Dr. Keith Richard Bradley (Greek and Roman Studies), 1996
  • Dr. Patrick Grant (English), 1977
  • Dr. William Kinderman (Music), 2000
  • Dr. George Mackie (Biology), 1986
  • Dr. John Oleson (Greek and Roman Studies), 2000
  • Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 2007
  • Dr. Don Vanderberg (Physics and Astronomy), 1993
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2002

Killam Fellowship (student)

  • Sébastien Picard (Physics, Mathematics) 2011
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Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence

  • Patrick Lane (Writing), 2007

Life Sciences British Columbia Awards

  • Dr. Caroline Cameron (Biochemistry and Microbiology), Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence (2019)
  • Dr. Christoph Borchers (Biochemistry and Microbiology), Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence, 2016
  • Dr. Ben Koop (Biology), Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence, 2009
  • Dr. Martin Taylor (Geography), Leadership Award, 2008
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McCreary Youth Foundation Award of Distinction

The award is presented to a B.C.-based researcher in recognition of sustained research efforts and a significant body of academic work on a youth-related issue.

  • Dr. Sybille Artz (School of Child and Youth Care), 2004

Medwin Prize

Conferred by the Acoustical Society of America to honour continuing research accomplishments of young and mid-career scientists in acoustical oceanography.

  • Stan Dosso (Earth and Ocean Sciences)

Micropalaeontological Society

Brady Medal

  • Chris Barnes (Earth and Ocean Sciences) 2010

Molson Prize

Two prizes of $50,000 each are awarded annually to distinguished Canadians, one in the arts and the other in the social sciences and humanities.

  • John Borrows (Law), 2019
  • Mary Kerr (Theatre), 2020
  • Angus McLaren (History), 2008

Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of BC

Leo Award

  • Maureen Bradley (Writing) 2011, 2015
  • Daniel Hogg (Writing) 2011

Murray A. Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Research and Conservation

The Murray A. Newman Award was created in 1995 as a tribute to the retirement of the Vancouver Aquarium’s founding director, Dr. Murray A. Newman. This prestigious award is presented every year to celebrate significant aquatic research and conservation work conducted in British Columbia; B.C. residents involved in conservation and research efforts elsewhere are also eligible. Determined by the research committee of the Vancouver Aquarium’s board, two “Murrays” are presented every year – one for significant advances in aquatic research and the other for significant achievement in aquatic conservation."

  • Chris Darimont (Geography), 2018
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National Academy of Neuropsychology Ralph M. Reitan Award for Clinical Excellence

This award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the clinical practice of neuropsychology. The recipients of this award have significantly influenced the methods, settings, and/or persons involved in clinical practice, resulting in noteworthy benefit to the profession and its clients; and/or demonstrated significant leadership as a teacher, clinician, and/or theorist in public and/or professional arenas of clinical neuropsychology; and/or had a notable effect on clinical practice or training in the field of clinical neuropsychology.

  • Catherine Mateer (Psychology), 2018

National Art Education Association Canadian Art Educator of the Year

The NAEA honours one member each year for outstanding service and achievement in art education at the national level.

  • Dr. Robert Dalton (Education), 1999
  • Dr. Bill Zuk (Education), 1996

NSERC André Hamer Postrgraduate Prize

Valued at $10,000 each, the prize is awarded to five of the most outstanding candidates in NSERC’s master’s and doctoral scholarship competitions.

  • Christopher van Bommel (Mathematics), 2013

NSERC Industrial Research Chairs

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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Distinguished Service Award

  • Jillian Roberts (Education) 2020

Optical Society of America Fellowship

OSA Members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics may be proposed for election to the class of Fellow. The number of Fellows is limited by the Society's bylaws to be no more than 10% of the total OSA Membership and the number elected each year is limited to approximately 0.4% of the current membership total.

  • Dr. Thomas Darcie (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Reuven Gordon (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2016

Order of BC

Since its inception, 432 British Columbians have been appointed to the Order from all regions of the province to recognize those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavour benefiting the people of the Province or elsewhere. The Order represents the highest form of recognition the Province can extend to its citizens.  The Order will be bestowed on the most outstanding British Columbians possessing the above qualifications annually.

  • Lynda and Murray Farmer (2019)

Order of Canada

Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country. The Order of Canada’s motto is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (They desire a better country).

  • Christopher Barnes (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
  • John Borrows (Law)
  • Neena Chappell (Sociology)
  • Lorna Crozier (Writing)
  • Jack Hodgins (Writing)
  • Paul Hoffman (Earth and Ocean Sciences)
  • Myer Horowitz (Education)
  • Werner Israel (Physics & Astronomy)
  • David Chuenyan Lai (Geography)
  • Ian McDougall (Music)
  • Paul Nicklen (Biology)
  • Alison Prentice (History)
  • Harry Swain (Centre for Global Studies and School of Public Administration)
  • Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies)
  • David H. Turpin (Biology)
  • Lorna (Wanosts'a7) Williams (Indigenous Education)

Outstanding Program in International Education

Presented by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Scotiabank Award for Excellence in Internationalization recognizes Canadian universities that bring an international perspective to their teaching and research.

  • UVic Faculty of Business (2000)
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Queen's Counsel

Honour conferred on outstanding members of the legal profession to recognize exceptional merit and contribution.

  • Jamie Cassels (President, UVic), 2004
  • Hamar Foster (Law)
  • Glen Gallins (Director, Law Centre Clinical Law Program), 2005
  • Jerry McHale (Lam Chair in Law and Public Policy), 2001
  • Heather Raven (Law)
  • Mary Anne Waldron (Associate Vice President, Legal Affairs), 2004

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Created in 2012 to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, this commemorative medal served to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. During the year of celebrations, 60 000 deserving Canadians were recognized.

To ensure that a variety of fields of activity were recognized, partner organizations were invited by the Government of Canada to nominate candidates from their community or organization for this national honour.

  • Bernie Pauly (Nursing) 2012
  • Gregory Scofield (Writing), 2012

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Research Canada Leadership Award

Research Canada Leadership Award honours champions in health research advocacy. On an annual basis, Research Canada will recognize an individual or organization who/which has made outstanding efforts in advocating for Canadian health research at the local, provincial and/or national level. Awards will be announced at the Prix Galien and HRF Medal of Honour Award Ceremony in November of each year.

  • Centre for Addictions Research BC (CARBC), 2014

Rhodes Scholars

The oldest international study award. Selected on the basis of academic achievement, integrity of character, unselfishness, respect for others, potential for leadership, and physical vigor. Only 95 students from around the world are selected each year.

  • Kate Ballem (2001)
  • JanaLee Cherneski (2004)
  • Dylan Collins (2014)
  • Gerald M. Crawford (1982)
  • David Claus (2002)
  • Rory Hills (2020)
  • Elizabeth McLeish (1991)
  • Ralph U. Osterwoldt (1980)
  • Tara Paterson (2013)
  • Emily Poupart (2003)
  • Jorga Zabojova (2004)

Royal Society of Canada Fellowship

Election to the Royal Society of Canada is this country's highest academic honour. UVic has 75 current and former faculty members who are fellows of the Royal Society. They’re listed here, with their academic department and the year they were elected.

  • John Archibald (Linguistics) 2020
  • William Carroll (Sociology) 2020
  • Laura Ferrarese (NRC Herzberg, Physics and Astronomy) 2020
  • Bonnie Leadbeater (Psychology) 2020
  • James Tanaka (Psychology), 2019
  • Robert Gifford (Environmental Studies, Psychology), 2019
  • Keith Bradley (Classics, Humanities), 1996
  • Marie-Claire Blais (Creative Writing), 1986
  • Benjamin Butterfield (Music), 2018
  • Eike-Henner Kluge (Philosophy), 2018
  • Tim Stockwell (Psychology), 2018
  • Michael Asch (Anthropology), 2002
  • Alan Astbury (Physics and Astronomy), 1989 - Deceased
  • Chris Barnes (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1982
  • Peter Baskerville (History), 2008
  • Pat Martin Bates (Visual Arts), 2008
  • Janet Bavelas (Psychology), 1995
  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2013
  • Anthony Birch (Political Science), 1988 - Deceased
  • John Borrows (Law), 2007
  • David Campbell (Greek and Roman Studies), 1988
  • Dante Canil (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2011
  • Neena Chappell (Sociology), 1999
  • Harold Coward (History), 1990
  • Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2009
  • Ken Denman (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1999
  • Nedjib Djilali (Mechanical Engineering), 2013
  • John Esling (Linguistics), 2009
  • Judy Fudge (Law), 2013
  • Chris Garrett (Earth and Ocean Sciences/Physics), 1977
  • Patrick Grant (English), 1990
  • Michael Hadley (Society and Religion), 1998
  • Jack Hodgins (Writing), 1998
  • Wolfgang Hoefer (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2003
  • Roy Hyndman (Earth Sciences), 1989
  • Werner Israel (Physics and Astronomy), 1972
  • Bryce Kendrick (Biology, retired), 1981
  • Mary Kerr (Theatre), 2010
  • Harald Krebs (Music), 2016
  • Joseph Kess (Linguistics), 1998
  • Ben Koop (Biology), 2009
  • Tim Lilburn (Writing), 2014
  • Robie Macdonald (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2004
  • Joan MacLeod (Writing), 2015
  • George Mackie (Biology, emeritus), 1982
  • Alistair Matheson (Biochemistry), 1984 - Deceased
  • John McCarter (Biochemistry and Microbiology), 1964 - Deceased
  • Jack McLachlan (Biology), 1979 - Deceased
  • Angus McLaren (History), 1999
  • Sandra Meigs (Visual Arts), 2017
  • Robert Moody (Mathematics and Computer Science), 1980
  • Julio Navarro (Physics and Astronomy), 2011
  • Graham Odgers (Astronomy), 1980 - Deceased
  • John Oleson (Greek and Roman Studies), 1994
  • John Owens (Biology), 1992
  • Tom Pedersen (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2002
  • Howard Petch (Physics, retired), 1966 - Deceased
  • Alison Prentice (History), 1998
  • Ian Putnam (Mathematics and Statistics), 1999
  • Andrew Rippin (History), 2006 - Deceased
  • Patricia Roy (History), 2006
  • Ann Saddlemyer (Writing), 1976
  • Eric Sager (History), 2014
  • Stephen Scobie (English), 1995
  • Nancy Sherwood (Biology), 1990
  • Robert Stewart (Centre for Earth and Ocean Research), 1966 - Deceased
  • David Strong (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1982
  • Sharon Sutherland (Political Science), 1995
  • Tom Tiedje (Engineering), 2001
  • James Tully (Political Science), 2000
  • Verena Tunnicliffe (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1992
  • Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 1992
  • David Turpin (Biology), 1998
  • W.D. Valgardson (Writing), 2002
  • Don Vandenberg (Physics and Astronomy), 1999
  • Frank van Veggel (Chemistry), 2015
  • Jean-Paul Vinay (French), 1958 - Deceased
  • Gordon Walker (Astronomy), 1975
  • Donovan Waters (Law), 1982
  • Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2001
  • Jeremy Webber (Law), 2016
  • James O. Young (Philosophy), 2015
  • Francis Zwiers (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 2004

Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists is Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership.

The mandate of the College is:

“To gather scholars, artists and scientists at a highly productive stage of their careers into a single collegium where new advances in understanding will emerge from the interaction of diverse intellectual, cultural and social perspectives.”

  • Lin Cai (Engineering), 2020
  • Rachel Cleves (History), 2019
  • Chris Darimont (Geography), 2019
  • Julia Baum (Biology), 2017
  • Dániel Péter Biró (Music), 2015
  • Sara Ellison (Astronomy and Physics), 2015
  • Clay Holroyd (Psychology), 2016
  • Charlotte Loppie (Public Health), 2017
  • Stuart MacDonald (Psychology), 2014
  • Val Napoleon (Law), 2017
  • Ryan Rhodes (Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education), 2015
  • Margaret-Anne (Peggy) Storey (Computer Science), 2014
  • Roy Suddaby (Business), 2016

Royal Society of Canada Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics

The Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics is awarded for a major contribution
in bioethics by a Canadian.

  • Eike-Henner Kluge (Philosophy), 2009

Royal Society of Canada Award in Gender Studies

The Award in Gender Studies was established by the RSC in 1999, through the generous donation of Fellows, to recognize significant contributions by a Canadian scholar in the humanities and social sciences to furthering our understanding of issues concerning gender.

  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2006

Royal Society of Canada Bancroft Award

The award is given for publication, instruction, and research in the earth sciences that have conspicuously contributed to public understanding and appreciation of the subject.

  • Dr. Christopher R. Barnes (Earth and Ocean Science), 1982

Royal Society of Canada Henry Marshall Tory Medal

The Henry Marshall Tory Medal was established in 1941 by Henry Marshall Tory (1864-1947), FRSC. Founder of the Universities of British Columbia and Alberta, the National Research Council Laboratories and Carleton University, and President of the RSC (1939-1940), he bequeathed funds upon his death in 1947 to endow the medal.

The medal is awarded for outstanding research in a branch of astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or an applied science, carried out mainly in the eight years preceding the date of the award, but all the research of the candidate is taken into account. The gold plated silver medal is offered every two years if there is a suitable candidate.

  • Julio Navarro (Physics and Astronomy), 2015

Royal Society of Canada Innis-Gérin Medal

This medal recognizes a distinguished and sustained contribution to the literature of the social sciences.

  • Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 2020

Royal Society of Canada Lorne Pierce Medal

The medal was established in 1926 by Lorne Pierce (1890-1961), FRSC, who was Editor of Ryerson Press for forty years and contributed greatly to the development and appreciation of Canadian literature.

The medal is awarded for an achievement of special significance and conspicuous merit in imaginative or critical literature written in either English or French (critical literature dealing with Canadian subjects has priority over critical literature of equal merit that does not deal with Canadian subjects). The gold plated silver medal is offered every two years if there is a suitable candidate. 

  • Jack Hodgins (Writing), 2014

Royal Society of Canada Miroslaw Romanowski Medal

The medal is awarded for significant contributions to the resolution of scientific aspects of environmental problems or for important improvements to the quality of an ecosystem in all aspects - terrestrial, atmospheric and aqueous - brought about by scientific means. The bronze medal and a cash amount of $3,000 are awarded every year if there is a suitable candidate. An annual lecture series for the award recipient is also associated to the medal.

  • Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Science), 2011

Royal Society of Canada Pierre Chauveau Medal

The medal is awarded for a distinguished contribution to knowledge in the humanities other than Canadian literature and Canadian history. The silver medal is offered every two years if there is a suitable candidate.

  • Dr. John Oleson (Greek and Roman Studies), 2010

Royal Society of Canada Rutherford Memorial Medals

The Rutherford Memorial Medals were established in 1980 by the RSC in memory of Lord Rutherford of Nelson, a great scientist and a leader in nuclear research. They replace the Rutherford Memorial Scholarship founded in 1952 thanks to donations from the Lord Rutherford Memorial Fund.

The medals are awarded for outstanding research in any branch of physics and chemistry and in recognition of Lord Rutherford’s own research carried out in Canada at a relatively young age. Some preference will be given to candidates whose age is not over forty in the year of the award. Each gold plated silver medal is offered every year if there is a suitable candidate.

  • Sara Ellison (Physics and Astronomy), 2014
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Saskatchewan Writer's Guild Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence

The Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence recognizes Saskatchewan writers who have written a substantial body of literary work. The prize consists of an award of $10,000 donated by Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg and a framed print of a work of art by Saskatchewan artist Dorothy Knowles.

  • Lorna Crozier (Writing), 2011

Science Council of BC Awards

British Columbia's highest form of recognition for achievements by BC scientists, engineers industrial innovators and science communicators. Only six awards, selected from nine different categories, are presented each year.

  • Dr. Alan Astbury (Physics and Astronomy), 2001
  • Dr. Andreas Antoniou (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 2000
  • Dr. Vijay Bhargava (Electrical and Computer Engineering), 1993
  • Dr. Reg Mitchell (Chemistry), 2000
  • Dr. Tom Tiedje (Engineering)
  • Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1999
  • Dr. Don Vanderberg (Physics and Astronomy), 1988

Scotiabank Giller Prize

The Giller Prize is a juried literary award given to a Canadian author of a novel or short story collection published in English the previous year.

  • Esi Edugyan (Writing) 2011
  • Esi Edugyan (Writing) 2018

Siminovitch Prize

The Siminovitch Prize shines a spotlight on excellence and innovation in Canadian Theatre with an annual prize worth $100,000. Over a three-year cycle, the prize celebrates a professional director, playwright or designer, an acknowledged leader in the theatre whose work is transformative and influential. The Siminovitch Prize also encourages and supports emerging talent with a protégé prize awarded to a theatre artist chosen by the recipient.

  • Joan MacLeod (Writing), 2011

Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships

Research fellowship for North American scientists who show outstanding promise of making fundamental contributions to new knowledge.

  • Dr. Ruobing Dong (Physics and Astronomy), 2020
  • Dr. Julia Baum (Biology), 2012
  • Hendrik Hoekstra (Physics and Astronomy), 2007
  • Dr. Julio Navarro (Physics and Astronomy), 1999

Society for Conservation Biology (Marine Section) Early Career Conservationist Award

Society for Conservation Biology recognizes early career professionals who make outstanding contributions to conservation.

  • Natalie Ban (Environmental Studies), 2018

Society of Ethnobiology Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award

The Society of Ethnobiology announces its Distinguished Ethnobiologist award to honor an ethnobiologist who has made outstanding contributions to the field of ethnobiology and advancing the goals of the Society. In recognition of these contributions, the recipient will be awarded a lifetime honorary membership to the Society of Ethnobiology. The recipient of the award (or in special circumstances, a representative of the winner) shall present an address at the annual meeting the year of his/her selection. 

  • Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 2019

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellow

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) designates as Fellows of the Society certain members who have made outstanding contributions to fields served by SIAM.

  • Pauline van den Driessche (Mathematics and Statistics), 2012

Society for Learning and Higher Education (STLHE) Alan Blizzard Award

The Alan Blizzard Award was established to encourage, identify, and publicly recognize those whose exemplary collaboration in university teaching enhances student learning. The Award honours Dr. Alan Blizzard, STLHE President from 1987 to 1995, and his convictions about the effectiveness of collaboration in team teaching for student learning. The Award seeks to make visible and disseminate scholarship of teaching and learning, based on values and practices of collaborative teaching.

  • Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (NW-ACE) program (Peter B. Gustavson School of Business)

Society for Neuroscience Science Educator Award

The Science Educator Award, supported by The Dana Foundation, honors two outstanding neuroscientists who have made significant contributions to educating the public about neuroscience: one who conducts education activities fulltime, and one who devotes his/her time primarily to research while conducting outreach, policy and education activities.

  • E. Paul Zehr (School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education), 2015

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality


  • Aaron Devor (Sociology), 1999

Hugo Beigel Award

  • Aaron Devor (Sociology), 1995

SSHRC Impact Awards

SSHRC Impact Awards are designed to build on and sustain Canada’s research-based knowledge culture in all research areas of the social sciences and humanities. The awards recognize outstanding researchers and celebrate their research achievements, research training, knowledge mobilization, and outreach activities funded partially or entirely by SSHRC.

  • Aaron Mills (Law), 2016

Startup Canada Awards

The Startup Canada Awards celebrate and distinguish the individuals, communities and institutions in Canada that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement and created an impact in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.

The objectives of the awards are to:

  • Celebrate those working to advance entrepreneurship in Canada;
  • Increase awareness of the importance of strengthening Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and culture;
  • Incent efforts and elevating ambitions of the Canadian entrepreneurial community

Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award - BC Region

  • Dr. Brent Mainprize (Gustavson School of Business), 2014

Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award - National

  • Dr. Brent Mainprize (Gustavson School of Business), 2014 - Honourable Mention

Most Entrepreneurial Post-Secondary Institution of the Year - BC Region

  • University of Victoria, 2014

EWR Steacie Fellowship

Steacie Fellowships are awarded to highly promising scientists and engineers who have a reputation for original research and are faculty members of Canadian universities.

  • Dr. Julia Baum (Biology), 2018
  • Dr. Alisdair Boraston (Biochemistry and Microbiology), 2012
  • Dr. Lin Cai (Engineering), 2019
  • Dr. Ben Koop (Biology), 2001
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1997
  • Dr. Tom Tiedje (Engineering), 1990
  • Dr. Don Vandenberg (Physics and Astronomy) 1989
  • Dr. David Turpin (Biology), 1989
  • Dr. Barry Glickman (Biology), 1986
  • Dr. David Hartwick (Physics and Astronomy), 1978
  • Dr. Chris Garret (Earh and Ocean Sciences/Physics), 1977
  • Dr. David Strong (Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1975

Steacie Prize

  • Dr. Verena J. Turnicliffe (Biology, Earth and Ocean Sciences), 1993
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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Fellowship

A fellowship for eminent scholars at Canadian universities whose work in the humanities and human sciences is internationally recognized.

  • Jasmine Dionne (PhD candidate, Political Science) 2020
  • Cecilia Benoit (Sociology), 2018
  • John Borrows (Law), 2006
  • Jim Tully (Political Science), 2003
  • Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies), 2015
  • Jeremy Webber (Law), 2009

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Scholarship

Each year, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation rewards outstanding doctoral candidates who are enrolled or about to be enrolled in a social sciences and humanities program and who are doing research in areas related to our four themes. This award, the most prestigious of its type in Canada, has continuously attracted the very best scholars in the social sciences and humanities, individuals with a passion for public engagement and who are likely to become leading national and international figures.

  • Ryan Beston (2017)
  • Nathan Bennett (2010)
  • Andrée Boisselle (2008)
  • Aaron Mills (2014)
  • Rebeccah Nelems (2015)
  • Dawnis Kennedy (2006)
  • Johnny Mack (2011)
  • Ryan Tonkin (2017)

Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies Award

  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 1990
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University of Victoria Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr. David Blades (Curriculum and Instruction), 2014
  • Dr. Mark Colgate (Peter B. Gustavson School of Business), 2013
  • Dr. Jin-Sun Yoon (Child and Youth Care), 2013
  • Dr. Annalee Lepp (Women's Studies), 2012
  • Dr. Gary MacGillivray (Mathematics and Statistics), 2011
  • Dr. Mary Sanseverino (Computer Science), 2010
  • Dr. Catherine Gaul (Education/Island Medical Program), 2008
  • Dr. Michael Webb (Political Science), 2007
  • Dr. Edward Ishiguro (Biochemistry and Microbiology), 2006
  • Dr. Martin Smith (Psychology), 2005
  • Dr. Gweneth Doane (Nursing), 2004
  • Dr. John Kilcoyne (Law), 2003
  • Dr. David Lai (Geography), 2002
  • Dr. Aaron Devor (Sociology), 1995

University of Michigan Medical School

50 Sexual and Gender Health Revolutionaries to Watch

  • Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2020

University of Victoria Distinguished Professorships

Conferred upon faculty members who have achieved great distinction in teaching and scholarly research and have made substantial contributions to the university and the wider community.

  • Dr. Arif Babul (Astronomy)
  • Dr. Susan Boyd (Studies in Policy and Practice)
  • Dr. Lorna Crozier (Writing)
  • Dr. A.R. 'Elango' Elangovan (Gustavson School of Business)
  • Dr. Gerry Ferguson (Law)
  • Dr. Harald Krebs (Music)
  • Dr. Jim McDavid (Public Administration)
  • Dr. Angus McLaren (History)
  • Dr. John Oleson (Greek and Roman Studies)
  • Dr. Craig Pinder (Gustavson School of Business)
  • Dr. Ray Siemens (English)
  • Dr. Jim Tully (Political Science)
  • Dr. Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies)
  • Dr. Larry Yore (Curriculum and Instruction)
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Vanier Medal

  • Gordon Smith (Global Studies), 2010

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program attracts and retains world-class doctoral students and helps establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning. It is open to both Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and foreign students pursuing a doctoral degree at eligible Canadian universities. The scholarship is $50,000 per year for three years.

  • Reanne Booker (2019)
  • Dylan Breitkreutz (2015)
  • Marcelo Luiz Brocardo (2012)
  • Stephanie Calce (2012)
  • Gillian Carleton (2020)
  • Saurabh Chitnis (2012)
  • Bassam Claar (2015)
  • Jasmine Dionne (2020)
  • Kari Duerksen (2018)
  • Lauren Eckert (2019)
  • Dennis Gupa (2017)
  • Maan Hani (2017)
  • Tyler Jessen (2020)
  • Justin Karr (2013)
  • Chong-Su Kim (2013)
  • Elaine J. Laberge (2018)
  • Eslam Mehina (2018)
  • Aaron Mills (2013)
  • Ashley Mollison (2020)
  • Janet Newbury (2009)
  • Tim Personn (2013)
  • Emily Poupart (2003)
  • Erin Rechsteiner (2017)
  • Manda Roddick (2010)
  • Christina Service (2015)
  • Paweena Sukhawathanakul (2012)
  • Ryan Tonkin (2017)
  • Richard Tuck (2012)
  • Leigh Wicki-Strodeur (2013)

Victoria Community Leadership Award

  • Dr. Laura Lauzon (Education), 2018
  • Dr. Bruce Wallace (Social Work), 2018
  • Dr. James Tanaka (Psychology), 2018

Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award

Since 2002, the Transgender Pioneer Award has honored trans leaders once a year, at Fantasia Fair. It is a lifetime achievement award to those who have sacrificed their careers, their families, and their fortunes to change the world so trans people could begin to come together in safety and comfort. 

  • Aaron Devor (Sociology), 2018
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Western Division Canadian Association of Geographers William C. Wonders Award for Scholarly Distinction

The purpose of The William C. Wonders Award for Scholarly Distinction is to recognize a member of the WDCAG for outstanding scholarly accomplishment in geography. This could be for either a sustained contribution over a career or over a number of years or for a single major contribution to the discipline. Of particular importance would be either scholarly contributions to geography in Western Canada or contributions to the discipline by Western Canadian geographers.

  • Reuben Rose-Redwood (Geography), 2019

Writers’ Trust of Canada Latner Poetry Prize

The Latner WritersTrust Poetry Prize is a Canadian literary award. Presented by the WritersTrust of Canada and the Latner Family Foundation, the award presents $25,000 annually to a Canadian poet who has published at least three collections, to honour their body of work.

  • Gregory Scofield (Writing), 2016