Research at the University of Victoria


Strategic Research Plan

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Lamb and Venn

Reaching for the stars

UVic know-how is helping world astronomers peer more closely into the cosmos.

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Scott Hofer

Grow old along with me...

Detecting the earliest signs of dementia is the first step in finding ways to slow it down.

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Jason Colby

The orca revolution

A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity.

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Christopher Borchers

The power of proteins

Keeping you healthy is a top goal of world-leading protein research at UVic.

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We're going places

Areas of strength

As one of Canada’s top research universities, UVic is home to expertise that spans a broad range of disciplines. We're at the forefront of discovery on everything from aging to music to zoology.

Our researchers are international leaders in the following areas:

Mobilizing knowledge

UVic researchers are creating new knowledge to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of people in Canada and around the world.

We're working with community, government and industry partners to turn that new knowledge into action.

Looking to partner on research? Learn more about how we can help you generate and apply new knowledge for societal benefit.

Who are our researchers? What do they study? And how is their work relevant to our lives?

Meet our researchers in the ongoing Faces of UVic Research video series. Our researchers give short and succinct descriptions of their work—in everyday language—that gets to the heart of what they do and why it matters.

UVic is home to 20 research centres and affiliated organizations that promote partnerships and knowledge exchange across disciplines.

In this video Dr. Dean Karlen discusses the research taking place at the Victoria Subatomic Particle and Accelerator (VISPA) Research Centre. VISPA members work together on leading international particle physics experiments, share computing and laboratory resources, jointly support and manage technical staff, provide a natural home for adjunct faculty from other institutions, and support high-­quality graduate and post-­doctoral training.

UVic KnowlEDGE is a continuing series of feature stories published 10 times a year in partnership with the Victoria Times Colonist. Each story profiles a researcher’s work with a focus on how he or she is making a difference to our lives and the world around us.