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Office of Research Services


Room A110, Michael Williams Building
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria BC, V8P 5C2

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Enquiries 250-472-4362
FAX - Research Services Office 250-721-8960
Executive Director, Research Lisey Mascarenhas 250-853-3188 MWB B223
Manager, Personnel and Administration Veryan Angus MWB B221
Administrative Assistant Charlotte Duncan 250-472-4362 MWB B202
Post Approval Support Consultant Dean Rysstad 250-472-5410 MWB B213
Manager Research Finances Debra Anderson 250-721-8079 MWB B219
Research Finances Liaison Brad Evans 250-472-5273 MWB B202
Research Finances Officer Rachel Grossman 250-853-3851 MWB B202
Research Finances Assistant Jhobelle Cua 250-853-3852 MWB B202
Manager, Research Grants Nicole Kitson 250-853-3103 MWB B227
International Grants Facilitator Holland Gidney
Health Research Grant Facilitator Cara Pearson 250-721-6080 MWB B202
Research Programs Liaison (Acting) Ellis Evans 250-472-4986 MWB B202
Manager, Institutional Programs Jill Taylor 250-853-3847 MWB B237
Acting Senior Projects Officer Michael Chin 250-472-4377 MWB B204
Research Infrastructure Project Officer Manjinder Cheema 250-721-6096 MWB B204
CRC Officer Jessica Worsley MWB B225
Senior Project Officer Sara Ohora 250-472-4378 MWB B240
Institutional Projects Asssitant 250-472-5990 MWB B202
Manager, Human Research Ethics Eugenie Lam 250-472-5202 MWB B231
Human Research Ethics Facilitator Kenna Miskelly 250-472-5555 MWB B233
Human Research Ethics Liaison Jeta Rugova-Plakolli 250-472-4321 MWB B202
Human Research Ethics Assistant Emilie Tse 250-472-4545 MWB B202

Research Partnerships & Knowledge Mobilization

FAX - Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization Unit 250-721-6497
Executive Director, Research Partnerships Brent Sternig 250-472-4115 SED A106
RPKM Coordinator & Assistant to the Director Jane Fraser 250-721-6500 SED A104
Community Liaison Officer Jen Kyffin 250-472-4335 SED A136
Community Partnerships Assistant Sara Kissinger 250-853-3853 SED A123
Community Research Partnerships
Research Partnerships
Research Partnerships Officer Anna Kobb 250-853-3844 SED A122
Research Partnerships & Innovation Manager Christopher Flores 250-721-6398 SED A120
Research Partnerships & Innovation Manager Lindsay Frehlick 250-721-8868 SED A122
Research Partnerships & Innovation Manager Aislinn Sirk 250-472-5037 SED A118
Industry Liaison Assistant Morgan Cave SED A134
Contracts Facilitator Assistant Leah Syme 250-472-5670 SED A134
Senior Research Agreements Facilitator Lana Bird 250-721-6095 SED A103
Research Agreements Facilitator Rachel Corder 250-472-5372 SED A124
Research Agreements Facilitator Nabeela Paruk

Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre

FAX - Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre 250-721-6497
Director Jerome Etwaroo 250-472-5289 SED A142
Program, Operations and Communications Coordinator Olena Marun Indriago 250-472-5289 SED A142
Program Manager Andrea Hayes 250-857-2727

Animal Care Services

Veterinary Director 250-853-3694
Animal Ethics Liaison - Special Project 250-853-3187
Acting Animal Ethics Liaison 250-853-3187
Operations Technician 250-721-7082
Animal Health Technician Coordinator 250-853-3692
Animal Health Technicians 250-721-7137
Animal Husbandry Coordinator 250-853-3693
Registered Laboratory Animal Technicians 250-721-7137
Animal Care Service Workers 250-721-7139