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Nicole Templeman (Biology)

Biology is the scientific study of all living things—a vast & evolving field that touches all aspects of our lives. Biology research examines the full range of life from human health to ecosystem health, from the deepest oceans to the atmosphere.

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Nicole Templeman

Dr. Nicole Templeman is an assistant professor in UVic’s biology department, a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Cell Biology, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar.

  • BSc from Mount Allison University (Honours research project studying heat stress responses)
  • MSc from McMaster University (researching metabolic fuel use patterns during exercise)
  • PhD from the University of British Columbia (determining the effects of insulin levels on obesity, metabolic homeostasis, aging & lifespan)

Templeman conducted her postdoctoral research fellowship in Dr. Coleen Murphy's lab at Princeton University. She studied signalling pathways & molecular mechanisms that regulate reproductive aging in the nematode C. elegans.

Templeman Lab

Researchers in the Templeman Lab study signaling pathways & regulatory mechanisms that control metabolic processes, reproduction, and the maintenance of cell and tissue integrity with age.

Lab scientists are particularly interested in how nutrient levels determine reproductive function & health during aging. Their methods are based on genetics, physiology, cell biology & molecular biology.

Their broad aim is to better understand the physiological deterioration that characterizes aging, through research projects that span molecular and cell type-specific changes to the whole organism.

Research opportunities

The Templeman Lab is recruiting motivated undergraduate & graduate students with an aptitude & enthusiasm for research.

Are you a prospective postdoctoral research fellow with excellent publication records, relevant experience & competitiveness for national & international fellowships? If so, please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Current graduate student:

Faria Athar, M.Res.
M.Sc. candidate

Athar's research interests lie in understanding how nutrition regulates aging & age-associated diseases. She studied at University College London, where she worked in the David Gems lab on dietary restriction & lifespan-extending mechanisms in C. elegans.