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Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs program helps universities attract and retain the best talent from around the world. The program helps universities like UVic achieve research excellence and thrive as world-class research centres. The program invests approximately $295 million per year to attract and retain a diverse group of world-class researchers.

Chairholders advance the frontiers of knowledge in their fields. They do this through their own work, and by teaching and supervising students and coordinating the work of other researchers.

Current UVic Canada Research Chairs

Name Tier Chair title
Gautam Awatramani 2 Synaptic Physiology
Magdalena Bazalova 2 Medical Physics
Neilesh Bose 2 Global and Comparative History
Martin Boulanger 2 Molecular Interactions and Structural Biology
John Borrows 1 Indigenous Law
Hector Caruncho 1 Translational Neurosciences
Kristian Dubrawski 2 Water Sustainability for Indigenous and Rural Communities
Katherine Elvira 2 New Materials and Techniques for Health Applications
Roberta Hamme 2 Ocean Carbon Dynamics
Sarah Hunt 2 Indigenous Political Ecology
Ben F. Koop 1 Genomics and Molecular Biology
Farouk Nathoo 2 Biostatistics for Spatial and High-Dimensional Data
Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi 2 International Sustainable Development
Edwin Nissen 2 Geophysics
Ibrahim Numanagic 2 Computational Biology and Data Science
Ian F. Putnam 1 Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems
Makhsud Saidaminov 2 Advanced Functional Materials
Margaret-Anne Storey  1 Visualization for Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
Afzal Suleman 1 Computational and Experimental Mechanics
Nicole Templeman 2 Cell Biology
Marie-Eve Tremblay 2 Neurobiology of Aging and Cognition
Karen Urbanoski 2 Substance Use, Addictions, and Health Services Research
G. Cornelis "Case" Van Kooten 1 Environmental Studies and Climate
Stephanie Willerth 2 Biomedical Engineering
Jeremy Wulff 2 Bioactive Small Molecule Synthesis
Xuekui Zhang 2 Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Tier 1 Chairs are for outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields. They are tenable for seven years and renewable once.

Tier 2 Chairs are for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field. They are tenable for five years and renewable once.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

UVic is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in all our practices. This is reflected in our recruitment of Canada Research Chairs.

CRC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion practices

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