Application for proxy patron

A proxy patron is a library user who borrows material on behalf of another user, usually a faculty member.

Proxy borrowing privileges are issued upon written authorization of the faculty member. Although proxy patrons charge material out using their own library cards, their sponsoring faculty members are wholly responsible for all material borrowed in their names by their proxy. All e-mail notices and correspondence will be sent to faculty members, not to their proxy patrons.

By submitting this application, the faculty member assumes full responsibility for the use made of the proxy privilege. These responsibilities include:

  • prompt communication with the proxy regarding all notices and correspondence
  • return or renewal of books before the material is due
  • immediate return of books that are recalled for use by other borrowers
  • payment for all library materials that may be lost while charged to the proxy
  • notification if a proxy is to be revoked or cancelled before the expiry date

The sponsoring faculty member's borrowing privileges will be blocked for outstanding overdue items or lost item replacement fees.

Please note:
For the protection of your privacy, the Libraries will not disclose to proxy patrons any information regarding the faculty member's account.

Please keep this statement of policy for your records.

Please issue proxy borrowing privileges in my name to
Student number
Faculty member's name
Faculty member's Netlink ID
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Proxy borrowing privilege to begin on
Proxy borrowing privilege to expire on