Senate Committee on Libraries

The Senate Committee advises the University Librarian on matters relating to operations in the libraries. The Senate Committee on Libraries normally meets monthly between October and June; special meetings may also be called by the Chair.

Please contact the Secretary, Sheila Cresswell, if you have any queries. ( - Tel: 250-721-8211)


  • The Senate Committee on Libraries normally meets monthly between October and June; special meetings may also be called by the Chair.

2017-18 Meeting Dates:

20 September 2018
1 November (for October)
29 November
13 December
31 January 2018
28 February
28 March
18 April
30 May
27 June


Faculty representatives

  • Humanities: Simon Devereaux (Chair)
  • Business: Hao Zhang
  • Continuing Studies: Miranda Angus
  • Council of Centre Directors: Paul Bramadat
  • Education: Sylvia Pantaleo
  • Engineering: Venkatesh Srinivasan
  • Fine Arts: Kirk McNally
  • Grad Studies: Elena Pnevmonidou
  • Human and Social Development: Andre Kushniruk
  • Law: Robert Howell
  • Library Representative, Faculty Association Librarians' Committee: Pia Russell
  • Medical Sciences: Leigh Anne Swayne
  • Science: Louise Page
  • Social Sciences: Jamie Lawson
  • Student Representative, University of Victoria Students' Society: tbc
  • Student Senator, Graduate Students' Society: Diana Popova

Ex officio

  • Jonathan Bengtson, University Librarian
  • Lisa Goddard, Associate University Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Strategy
  • Lisa Petrachenko, Associate University Librarian, Learning and Research Resources
  • Kim Nayyer, Associate University Librarian, Law
  • Wency Lum, Chief Information Officer
  • To be announced: President's Nominee

Terms of Reference


The Committee shall:

1. Advise the University Librarian on matters relating to the operation of the Libraries and acts as the liaison between the Libraries and academic units and programs. The areas of advice include but are not limited to the following:

  • communication between the Libraries and academic units;
  • review of the Libraries' strategic plan and annual priorities;
  • review of major changes in Libraries' systems or operations;
  • review of Libraries' performance data.

2. Advise the Vice-President Academic and Provost annually on issues facing the Libraries.

3. Recommend changes to Senate in rules and regulations for the operation of the Libraries.

4. Rule on appeals from library patrons regarding penalties, fines or suspension of privileges.

Senate standing and ad hoc committee meetings are normally closed and the discussions and meeting documents are considered confidential.


  • 12 faculty members representing the faculties and divisions (at least 2 of whom shall be members of Senate) (voting)
  • 1 research centre director, selected by the Council of Centre Directors (voting)
  • 2 students, including 1 undergraduate student and 1 graduate student, at least one of whom must be a student member of Senate (voting)
  • 1 Librarian selected by the Faculty Association Librarians' Committee (FALC) (voting)
  • the University Librarian (ex officio, voting)
  • the 3 Associate University Librarians (ex officio, voting)
  • the President or nominee (ex officio, voting)
  • the Chief Information Officer (ex officio, voting)

Total membership = 22 (22 voting members)

The secretary of the committee is a representative from the Office of the University Librarian.

Senate Committee on Libraries

Sub-Committee on Appeals Terms of Reference


Any library patron who wishes to appeal the decision of the library administration to impose a fine or the size of the fine under library policy IM 7600, may submit a memo of appeal to the Senate Committee on Libraries. The Sub-Committee on Appeals serves as the decision making body for the entire Committee by reviewing the appeal and issuing a judgement. The Sub-Committee is convened on an ad hoc basis when required.


The Sub-Committee will consist of five members of the Senate Committee on Libraries who are not affiliated with library administration.  If the library patron submitting the appeal is an undergraduate or graduate student, a Student Representative (if available) may be specially requested.


At the first or second meeting of each school year, the Senate Committee Chair will request volunteers to provisionally serve on the Sub-Committee on Appeals when and if it is required. Upon convening, one member will act as Sub‐Committee Chair. 

Appeal Process

Appeals on library fines are acknowledged by the University Librarian, who will solicit a brief statement from the appropriate library manager on the history and nature of the fine in question. A copy of the appeal and the library statement is forwarded through the Senate Committee Chair (without comment) to the Chair of the Sub-Committee.

The Chair of the Sub-Committee routes the appeal to the other members of the Sub-Committee with his/her written comments. The Sub-Committee evaluates the statements and meets with both parties to further gather appropriate evidence for making a fair determination. The Sub-Committee then confers and drafts a decision to grant or deny the appeal.

The Sub‐Committee's decision and rationale is then sent back to the University Librarian who notifies the appellant of the decision.

Approved by Senate April 12, 1967

Revised January 19, 1972
Revised September 11, 1985
Revised March 2, 1994
Revised October 6, 1999
Revised May 7, 2004
Revised May 4, 2007
Revised February 7, 2014
Revised April 6, 2015
Revised May 6, 2016