Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) at UVic Libraries

GenAI tools have wide-reaching implications for how our users create and discover knowledge, and how we collect, organize, and preserve it.  

UVic Libraries is actively engaged in learning about GenAI tools and helping you use them safely and ethically in your learning, study, and work at UVic. 



  • We offer short, downloadable PowerPoint modules on topics like AI basics, AI ethics and safety, citing AI, and AI terminology.  You can include these modules in Brightspace courses, deliver them yourself, ask students to review them independently, or invite a librarian to present them to your class. 
  • Your subject liaison librarian can help you explore AI-literate research assignments for your students. 


  • We are developing a Whisper server.  Whisper is a GenAI tool for transcribing audio recordings such as archival interviews. Investing in our own local server allows us to take advantage of rapid transcription of our unique local collections while preserving data privacy. 
  • We are building staff expertise with Transkribus. Transkribus is a GenAI tool for transcribing handwritten documents such as manuscripts and letters. Investing in Transkribus allows us to digitize our unique collections in Special Collections and Archives for broader access and use. 
  • We house and partner with the Humanities Computing and Media Centre, who specialize in creating sustainable, machine-readable digital editions, and with the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, who provide technology training for scholars in arts, humanities, libraries and archives.


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