Assessment and analysis

The Assessment Resource Office was created in 2005 to develop and share expertise and understanding of assessment measures and techniques, as well as to provide data for strategic and organisational decision making. We provide advice, coordination and support for both qualitative and quantitative projects for assessment activities within the Libraries. Additionally, we serve as a central repository for surveys, results, recommendations and follow-ups, and we coordinate the collection of the Libraries' annual unit statistics and submissions to CARL and CPSLD.

To operationalise UVic Libraries' assessment goals, the Assessment Resource Office developed a three-tier assessment planning tool (see above). This tool is used both on an institutional level and on a project-by-project level to ensure all sources of data on a topic are considered and collected. This method also ensures that the in-depth data are valid by investigating an issue at several different scales, in order to corroborate findings between levels.

Current assessment projects

The UVic Libraries is a member of the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and is participating in a survey of faculty and doctoral students on the impact of global consolidation of journal publishing. Faculty and doctoral students can review the consent form before participating.

In the spring of 2014, the UVic Libraries launched the 2014 UVic Libraries Undergraduate and Graduate Student Surveys

Also in the spring of 2014, the Assessment Resource Office embarked on an assessment of the Diana M. Priestly Law Library.

Current librarian research projects

We assist with librarian research projects when requested, providing advice on and help with Human Research Ethics applications, survey and focus group design, testing, implementation, data collection, results preparation and analysis, and results dissemination.

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