Strategic directions

Students sitting around a table and working; two students walking up the stairs nearby.
Our strategic directions focuses on open, engaged, and enduring principles, based on the University of Victoria’s integrated approach to research-intensive learning.

Strategic plan

Our 2018-2023 UVic Libraries' Strategic Directions process identified trends and developments that affect the university, the campus, the library, and the community. Three guiding principles will guide UVic Libraries and align us with UVic's Strategic Framework: Open. Engaged. Enduring.



UVic Libraries will connect people, knowledge, and expertise through partnerships and collaborations, as well as create open avenues to research and to physical and virtual spaces.



UVic Libraries will be an active collaborator and connector to enhance the learning, teaching, and research activities of the University of Victoria, and embrace its role as an access point to the university for the broader community.



UVic Libraries will focus on developing long-term, flexible, nimble, and durable approaches to its role as a facilitator of student and faculty success.  UVic Libraries will enhance the vibrancy of the local, regional, and global communities with which it engages.

For more information, view our UVic Libraries Strategic Directions 2018-2023