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Olivia Zhao

International Student Adviser

International Student Advising


Tips for Success

One tip that I would offer new international students starting their program at UVic is... to wander around the campus and learn about the wonderful UVic community.

One of the best ways for international students to get connected during their time at UVic would be… get involved! Join the student clubs that interest you and share ideas with peers.

Student Success Tip: Plan ahead! Don’t chase the deadlines!


I originally came to Canada as an international student to pursue my Master’s degree, and I worked as a Resident Advisor and Career Ambassador when I was a student. I have been working with international students since graduation, as an ESL teacher and Education Consultant. I became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in 2021 and my work has since become more focused on supporting international students. I am delighted to continue this work as an International Student Adviser at UVic!


Gardening, cooking, and relaxing.

Fun fact

I have a fluffy cat named Oli and a naughty puppy ​​named Jacob. They collaborate with each other very well as they always steal food from closed closets together!