Donor Impact Report 2018

Geography students Riley Thackary and Rheanna Neilson at Woodwynn Farms

Learning on the land, for the land

You help students make lasting change for a healthier planet

Two geography students created a rainwater harvesting system to support a local urban agricultural initiative thanks to the Stephens Family Award in Organic & Sustainable Food Systems. The gift, from the owners of Nature’s Path Organic Foods, is giving students meaningful learning opportunities and training passionate future leaders, while helping local organizations create sustainable food systems.

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Rande Cook, chief of the Namgis nation

Sacred Teachings, Creative Practice

Donor-funded professorships bring fresh perspectives to the classroom

The Audain Professorship of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest brings practicing Indigenous artists into UVic's classrooms. Their diverse approaches and specialized knowledge complement the rich Visual Arts program and give rise to new learning experiences for both the artist and the students.

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PhD student Hector Vazquez Cordoba

Rethinking culture

Your gifts support graduate research with worldwide impact

The Norma Mickelson Legacy Scholarship allows international PhD student, Hector Vazquez Cordoba, follow his calling. After a personal epiphany, Hector's research shifted to developing a music curriculum in Mexican schools that fosters understanding and pride in Indigenous cultures.

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donor-funded awards available for graduate students in 2017/18
donor-funded scholarships and athletic awards to 2,183 students
donor-funded bursaries to 800 students
Daniel Fainstein and student researcher Kristy Jack

Remarkable Lives

Local partnerships enable UVic to share stories from the disability community

Remarkable Lives, funded by the Victoria Foundation, set out to better understand the challenges faced by people with disabilities and their families in Greater Victoria. The findings of the project team—which included UVic students, researchers and young people from the disability community—provides a snapshot of the present, informs planning for the future and led to creation of an accessible web resource, Leisure Access Victoria App (LAVA).

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4,623 donors gave $18.8m

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Vital impact on people, places and the planet

Giving. It's personal. Both for you, the donor, and the recipients whose lives are forever changed by your gifts. But the impact goes far beyond that. It reaches into communities, engages with diverse cultures and creates deeper understanding of local, national and international questions. Through your generosity, you're more than an individual friend, alumnus, foundation or business. You become part of our collective force, driving change and contributing to the unique aspects that give us our UVic Edge.

As you'll read in this report, donors like you are at the core of our commitment to dynamic learning experiences, healthy communities and Indigenous knowledge. You create opportunities for students, researchers and programs that enhance our extraordinary academic environment. You enable us to have vital impact on people, places and the planet.

Thank you for entrusting UVic with your gifts.

Thank you

Seeing the impact of your gifts fuels our commitment to research and learning that drives meaningful change. We are so grateful to have your support as we continue to tackle the issues that matter to people, places and the planet.
—Jamie Cassels, President and Vice-Chancellor University of Victoria