Delivery method and course plan

MSW Foundation students must complete a total of 31.5 units to receive an MSW degree. 16.5 units are taken in the first "foundation" year. Students complete 12.0 units of course work and a 4.5 unit field education placement. Once students have completed all Foundation program requirements, students proceed to the MSWA program or the MSWI program, with School permission.

* The MSW Foundation program requires admitted students to take the core Foundation courses full-time on-campus, as a cohort, for 3 consecutive terms (from September-August).


Foundation year core courses

Core course requirements (10.5 units)

  • SOCW 551 (1.5) Indigenous Social Work Foundations
  • SOCW 547 (1.5) Historicizing Social Work
  • SOCW 542 (1.5) Anti-Racist Practice
  • SOCW 554 (1.5) Indigenous Policy and Practice
  • SOCW 549 (1.5) Research Foundations
  • SOCW 544 (1.5) Social Work, The State and Citizenship
  • SOCW 550 (1.5) Social Justice, Social Work and the Law

Elective requirement (1.5 units)

Field education requirement (4.5 units)

  • SOCW 540 (4.5) Foundation Practicum

Additional program requirements

To be eligible to progress to the MSWA or MSWI program, students must maintain a 5.0 (B) average and be in good standing with the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the duration of their Foundation course work.