Delivery method and course plan

The MSW Indigenous specialization is delivered primarily through distance education. Students in the MSWI complete 15 units comprised of course work and one of two completion options: thesis or course-based.


On-campus institute

A one week mandatory on-campus institute is offered at the beginning of the first term of study. Dates will be posted prior to students receiving their offer of admission. The on-campus institute provides students with the opportunity to visit the UVic campus; to meet face-to-face with faculty, staff and other students; and to begin SOCW 521 and SOCW 523the first courses in the MSWI. SOCW 521 and SOCW 523 continue after the on-campus institute via distance education.

The on-campus institute is normally scheduled within the last week of August/early September (exact dates for 2024 to be determined). All admitted MSWI students will need to refer to their email for the most up-to-date information. Please also refer to the Academic Calendar Timetable for other official dates.

The remainder of the MSWI courses are offered via distance education.

MSWI core course requirements

Students are required to complete all core course requirements (10.5 units). These units are made up of 7.5 units of SOCW course work and 3.0 units of elective course work. Please review the below Elective Credit Information PDF for information on how to access electives.

SOCW course requirements (7.5 units)

  • SOCW 510 (1.5) Policy Context of Practice
  • SOCW 516 (1.5) Research Methodologies
  • SOCW 521 (1.5) Indigenous Perspectives on Knowledge and Research *
  • SOCW 523 (1.5) Self-conscious Traditionalism in Indigenous Social Work Practice Seminar *

* part of the on-campus institute

Elective requirement (3.0 units)

Course-based option

The MSW Indigenous Specialization course-based option requires a minimum of 15 units. The 15 units are made up of 7.5 units of core courses, 3.0 units of electives, and a 4.5 unit MSWI field education placement.

Field education requirement (4.5 units)

  • SOCW 506A (4.5) MSWI Practicum

Additional course requirement (1.5 units)

  • SOCW 571 (1.5) MSW Capstone

Thesis option

The MSW Indigenous Specialization thesis option requires a minimum of 15 units. The 15 units are made up of 6.0 units of core courses, 3.0 units of electives, and a 6.0 unit thesis.

Thesis requirement (6.0 units)

  • SOCW 599 (6.0) Thesis

Optional additional course (1.5 units)

  • SOCW 517 (1.5) Research Seminar (supervisor's recommendation required)