Admissions requirements

The BSW Admissions application process and forms will be available on the School of Social Work website in December of each year. The deadline for application submission is January 31st for both the May and September entry points. Official transcripts, UVic Undergraduate Admissions applications or Undergraduate Records Program Change or Re-registration forms must be received by the January 31st document deadline.

In addition to choosing either the May or September entry points, applicants must also select how they would like to complete their studies: on-campus/distance education combination or by distance education. Those students applying to distance education must attend a mandatory five day face-to-face component as part of SOCW 312.

Admission to the BSW program requires:

  1. Completion of a minimum of the first two years (30 units) of an undergraduate program at UVic, with an overall average of at least 4.0 (on the UVic 9.0 point scale) or better, or the equivalent at another university or community college on the last 12 units of university-transfer course work at the time of application (up to and including December).
  2. Within the required 30 units, completion of SOCW 200A and 200B or their equivalents. 24 units should be completed from within general education arts and sciences subject areas.
  3. For the May entry point only, applicants will be considered for admission with 27 units of credit in order to then complete SOCW 200A and 200B in this session.
Students are also required to meet UVic's “Academic Writing Requirement”.

The number of applicants admitted will depend on the resources available to the School and the number of qualified applicants. An initial screening for admission will be based on sufficient number of units and grade point average as stated above. Provided applicants meet these criteria, they will be evaluated for admission to the School of Social Work based on grade point average, and a written submission.