Application for the May and September 2019 intakes to the BSW program is now OPEN. The deadline to apply is January 31st, 2019 for both entry points.

Entry to the BSW is at third year. Please read the Eligibility document here (link) to determine if you are eligible to apply and which entry point you should choose. 

The options for completion of the BSW are:

The 3rd year On-campus/4th year Distance Education Combination program – see here for details - select On-Campus when applying. 


The Distance Education program- for students residing in Canada only, and requires a mandatory five day session held on-campus at UVic as part of SOCW 312 – select Distance education when applying.

For other details please see 

Admissions Information

Application Process
Notification of Acceptance
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Application Process

  • Complete your My UVic Application

    You will be required to submit an application in order to be considered for the BSW program.

    UVic Undergraduate Admissions Application Instructions if you are new to UVic.

    Undergraduate Records Program Change or Re-registration Instructions if you are a current or returning UVic student. 

    In addition to the My UVic application, you must also submit a Supplemental Application. A free download of Adobe Reader is available to access the PDF files. 

    PLEASE NOTE: the Supplemental Application documents CANNOT be uploaded at the time of initial application or program change/re-registration request on the MyUVic application. Supplemental documents can only be uploaded once you have received an email of introduction and instructions from the Admissions Assistant Louise Peters (if new to Uvic) or the same from the Undergraduate Records Assistant Val Oleson (if a returning or current UVic student).

    Note that for those who are new to UVic you will receive one email before this, thanking you and confirming receipt of your application but you will not be able to upload until receiving the second email.

    Note: If you have already done your MyUVic application and received the introduction email from either of them, you can upload now.

    Post-secondary transcripts are required by January 31st 2019. Please follow submission directions as indicated on My UVic application.

    For those who submit their My UVic Application the week of January 28th - due to the time required for receipt and initial myUVic application set-up, uploading of the Supplemental Application documents will be accepted until February 7th. Transcripts will also be accepted up to February 7th.

    This option is only available if the MyUVic application is submitted no later than Jan 31st 2019.

  • Submit your Supplemental Application: Once your initial UVic application/re-registration or program change request has been received, the following required documents must be submitted for your application to be considered complete:

    **Special Note for applicants using Macintosh computers, it is important that you use the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat or upgrade your “Apple Preview” application to the latest version to prevent any issues and ensure readability with your uploaded documents.

    1. Statement of Intent (link to document)

      The Statement of Intent provides an opportunity for you to outline the degree of compatibility between our BSW Program and your interests and background(s).

      Tip: Before completing the Statement of Intent please review the Mission Statement, Definitions and References document

      You must use the form-fillable PDF to submit your Statement of Intent (please note the maximum of 650 words).

    2. Experience Summary (link to document)

      The purpose of this document is to outline your employment, volunteer, and educational experiences.

      You must use the form-fillable PDF to submit your Experience Summary (uploads as Resume/CV on checklist). Please stay within the allocated space for each section. Tip: Use the required categories as indicated and keep descriptions and duties brief. Organizations listed may be contacted for verification purposes.

  • BSW Additional Consideration (link to document)(Optional): The School of Social Work acknowledges that institutional processes and cultural differences may present barriers to traditionally marginalized groups in equitable access to educational programs. The Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) Standards for Accreditation require that schools reflect the populations served by social work. In order to reflect our School’s commitment to equity and social justice, we have included an additional consideration component in the application process.

    Applicants who are members of traditionally marginalized groups and other applicants who have faced significant barriers are eligible to receive an additional 5% added to their total application score. Applicants are invited to self-identify on the BSW Additional Consideration Form. If you wish to submit a BSW Additional Consideration form, please save and email the completed form to the BSW Admissions Assistant at 

    Notification of Acceptance 


    The department will begin making admission decisions for the May entry point in mid to late March. Decisions for the September entry point will begin in mid to late May. You will be notified of the decision and receive other information via email. Notification is also reflected on the applicant’s MyPage. It is important that you keep all your contact information up to date. Please do not contact the department regarding impending decisions. For further details please see the Process and Timelines Document 

    Contact Information

    Please direct any further admissions inquiries to:
    BSW Program Assistant
    Andrea Roszmann

    Other Helpful Links

  • Technology Requirements
  • Tuition 
  • Funding Information:  
  • University of Victoria Academic Calendar:  (Social Work is under the Faculty of Human and Social Development).

    Faxed or mailed applications will not be accepted. All applications are the property of UVic and therefore will not be returned. Please ensure you keep a copy for your own records.