Delivery method and course plan

Students admitted to the MSW Foundation program must complete a total of 31.5 units to receive the MSW degree. Sixteen point five (16.5) units are taken in the first calendar year of the Foundation program and the remaining fifteen (15.0) units are taken after transfer from the MSWF to the MSWA or MSWI program.

Students accepted into the MSWF program as full time students and take all Foundation courses on campus. The MSWF program is designed so that students move through their courses as a cohort over THREE consecutive 4 month terms (Sep. - Dec.; Jan. - Apr.; May - Aug.) in the first calendar year after admission.

The Foundation courses are comprised of eight 1.5 unit courses for a total of 12.0 units plus a 4.5 unit practicum. Once Foundation program requirements have been completed, students transfer to the MSWA or MSWI program.


Elective Requirement

The Foundation Program also requires you to register in one elective. It is strongly recommended that you complete this elective within the first two terms of the first year of the MSWF program. Information about elective selection and registration can be found in the Elective Credit Information PDF.

After completion of the first year of the MSWF program

Once all requirements of the first year of the MSWF program have been met students follow the course plan for the MSWA or MSWI program. Please note that the MSWA and MSWI program both begin with an intensive, required, on campus course held in a seminar format usually held during the last two weeks of August. The remainder of the program is completed via distance education and within your home community.

Please note: To be eligible to progress to the MSWA or MSWI, students must maintain a 5.0 (B) average and be in good standing with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Specific criteria apply for transfer to the MSWI program.

Further information and support may be obtained from the graduate advisor (