Distance education

Flexible learning

Distance education helps students fit learning needs into their daily life. Distance education uses online learning technology to deliver courses to students to allow them to stay in their home communities. Included in this flexible learning platform is a one week on-campus institute offered at the beginning of the first term of study. This on-campus institute provides students with the opportunity to visit the UVic campus and to meet face-to-face with faculty, staff and students, and to begin a SOCW course.

Distance education course delivery

Distance education learning requires students to have regular, reliable computer and internet access for the duration of their program of studies in order to participate in web based learning, and for program administration purposes. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended.

Our MSW programs are offered through a combination of an intersessions summer institute and web-based delivery of instruction.

All Social Work distance education courses are delivered using the web program CourseSpaces: