Field Education: MSW

What is field education? 

The purpose of field education is for students to build on existing knowledge and practice skills under the supervision of experienced social workers who demonstrate a commitment to social justice, anti-racist and anti-oppressive social work practice. Field education placements enable students to gain field experience in the social work community. These are learning opportunities for students to develop the skills necessary for a Masters of Social Work degree. Placements are completed in a wide range of community and government agencies and can usually be done in your home community. Normally, students complete a practicum in a single semester. We do, however, offer a two semester option from September to April only.

Field education placements at the MSW level are 450 hours. In order to provide continuity of experience for students, agency personnel and service users, we require students to be available for a minimum of 14 hours per week during the regular working hours of the agency supervisor. However, preference is given to students who are available for full-time daytime hours. The availability of field education placements differs depending on the student’s geographical location, access to qualified supervisors and time of year.

Students must review the course planning information on pre-requisites and requirements for entry into field education. Students can choose the semester that they wish to complete their placement in; students are responsible for ensuring that they have finished their prerequisite courses prior to beginning their placements.

* Prerequisites, for your year of entry to the program, are listed in the UVic Academic Calendar.

If you are a registered student in the School of Social Work, you can use your NetLink ID to log into the Field Education site. This site has application information, forms, and deadlines.


For general inquiries about field education, or help with accessing the Field Education site, please contact our Field Education Assistant,