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Public Administration

We’re committed to making society better. This program will teach you how to build a better world through research, teaching and engagement. You’ll become a professional with the knowledge to positively impact both government and non-profit organizations around the world. Our department is built on values of integrity, sustainability, inclusivity and courageous scholarship.

Degree programs offered

Program Expected length Project and/or thesis Course-based
MACD (project), MPA (thesis) 7 terms Yes No
MPA (online) 2 years No Yes
JD+MPA 4 years Yes No
PhD 3-5 years Yes No
GCE + GDE 1-2 years Yes No

Quick facts

Program options:
Masters, Doctorate, Certificate, Distance
Program delivery:
On-campus, Distance/Off-campus, Other: combination of online and on campus courses
Dynamic learning:
Other: Co-op required for MPA On Campus (Thesis/Co-op)

Areas of focus

  • Health administration
  • Citizenship and citizen participation
  • Governance and participatory governance
  • Collective bargaining, labour movements and union politics
  • Human resource management issues
  • Leadership
  • Organizational behaviour and theory
  • Public sector reform
  • Human information processing and problem solving
  • Comparative politics
  • Urban studies
  • Border studies

Need help?

Contact Kimberley Cook at or 250-721-6448.

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