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Graduate recruiters

If you have a general question about graduate studies at UVic, contact a student recruiter. You can find your recruiter based on the location of your current or most recent college or university.

If you have a specific question about your program or application to UVic, contact your program's graduate secretary.

Indigenous students

UVic offers many academic, cultural and financial services for Indigenous students. To learn more, contact Dakota Nelson or self-identify as Indigenous when you speak with a UVic recruiter.

Students from schools in Canada

Brian Tucker

Students from international schools (outside of Canada)

Mark Macdonald

Includes China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and all other countries in this region.

SungJin Park

Includes Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and all other countries in this region.

Mark Macdonald

Mark Macdonald