You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown 2013, Photo by David Lowes
Don’t worry, your kids are in good hands at theatre school—just like our 2013 mainstage production of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” (photo: David Lowes)
So your child wants to study theatre? Being the parent of a busy theatre student can be a little different than students of other subjects on campus. Here are some helpful resources to assist you in supporting your new UVic Theatre student.

Time management

Theatre students are very busy. Between classes during the day and rehearsals in the evening, students need to organize themselves to be successful. 

  • TIP: We recommend students use a day planner to keep track of classes, theatre call times, assignments and course contact information. They can get one for free from the UVic Student Society in September!

Theatre subscriptions versus textbooks

While there are some textbook requirements, many theatre courses instead require students to attend theatre performances as part of their curriculum. Performances may be at the department and/or at the Belfry Theatre or other local theatres.  

  • TIP: The Belfry makes affordable student ticket subscriptions (usually less than $100 for four plays) available during the first few weeks of classes. Make sure your student is prepared with a cheque or credit card.
  • TIP: Phoenix Theatre plays are available to theatre students for FREE on Preview nights, the Tuesday and Wednesday before a play opens. Advance preview tickets for theatre students are available in the afternoon on performance days. Student prices apply on other performances.

Surviving Theatre 105 and 205

All theatre students are required to complete two courses in theatre production and management. These hands-on courses involve students backstage in every aspect of the production, learning essential skills in lighting, stage carpentry, wardrobe and front of house in their first year. In second year, these options expand to include stage management, props, marketing and sound, and students take on important management roles in a production. These unconventional courses means your child might need to purchase their own tools, put in extra lab hours after regular classes, or stay late after performances end. Instructors are here to make sure that they are safe and supported. No matter which specialization they enter, this important comprehensive learning approach gives students the experience working in a functioning theatre from all sides – an experience that holds fond and amazing memories for many of our alumni.

  • TIP: Encourage your child to get organized and bring a lunch or dinner to school on very busy days. The department has a fridge and microwave for student use. Keeping a UVic OneCard close at hand helps too!
  • TIP: Make sure that students get departmental approval for any part-time jobs or activities outside of the department that may conflict with these prerequisite courses. Try to find part-time jobs that are flexible when times are busy.

Attending plays

Is your child in a play? Working backstage? Designing the costumes or maybe he or she helped built the set. Support them by attending productions and be a part of their education.

  • TIP: Subscribe to all four of the Phoenix Theatre plays and never miss a play!
    Learn more about our flexible season subscriptions
  • TIP: You can also attend super cheap Preview Nights, the Tuesday and Wednesday performances before opening night. 
  • TIP: Advance tickets (before general public sales) are available at the Phoenix Box Office for students acting in or designing a Phoenix production. 

Other productions

When not involved in a mainstage production, many students are directing, writing, or acting in their own plays as part of the Student Alternative Theatre Company (SATCo). This student organization, separate from the department, produces one-act plays each week through the fall and presents them Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays over the lunch break starting at 12:45pm. 
Students may also be acting in “Directing Scenes” for other undergrad or graduate students. Scenes are usually presented during class times and are sometimes open to friends and family.

Keep Connected

Want to know what’s happening at the department? 

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