Applying to Theatre

First time applicants to the University of Victoria will need to submit their application and supporting Theatre application documents using the online UVic applicaton system.

Current or returning students will need to apply to the Theatre program through My UVic Application using the pre-existing NetLink ID and passphrase, and submit the supporting Theatre application documents here.

The deadline for applications to UVic Theatre is January 31.

If you wish to include supplementary material, or did not include your essay response or resume with your online application, please use our online submission form. All uploaded documents should be a pdf or jpeg formats.

Supporting Theatre application documents (required)

To apply to the Theatre Major program, you will also need to submit a supplemental application that includes the following supporting documents:

  • A resume: An outline of previous theatre training and experiences, as well as non-theatre related volunteer activities, awards, honours, hobbies and interests.
  • A 500-word essay: Please answer in essay form: Why do you wish to pursue your theatre education at the University of Victoria?

Important instructions: The online application system allows you to submit your UVic application after you have filled in the required questions and completed payment. You can save, return, and edit your information any time prior to submitting it. Supporting documents can be uploaded anytime in the application process – as long as they are received before the January 31 deadline. Updated or revised documents can be re-uploaded by requesting this option within the application.

You may also add documents to your application up to the time you are offered admission. Should you be offered admission and still have required supplementary documents to submitt, you may upload them directly to the Theatre Department: submitted online


  • High School students with a current course average of 85% or higher will be offered a conditional acceptance, pending submission of their supporting documents by January 31 and their final grades.
  • Transfer students may need to take first-year UVic Theatre requirements before progressing to the second year of the program in any focus area.

Portfolio examples (optional)

You may also choose to submit portfolio examples of their work. This is not required, however, any work that you submit may enhance your application.

Digital examples of a portfolio may include:

  • digital recording of acting scene or monologue (link to YouTube or Vimeo post)
  • documentation of drawings, paintings or sculptural work (JPG for uploading or link to image viewing websites like Flicker or Google Photos)
  • applied theatre workshop or lesson plan (PDF for uploading)
  • stage manager's prompt script (PDF for uploading)
  • photographs of sewing projects (JPG for uploading or link to image viewing website)
  • directorial concept for a play, either previously directed or as you would like to direct it. (PDF for uploading)
Portfolio examples can be submitted online directly to the department.

Applying to UVic

Learn everything you need to know about becoming a UVic student. Walk through the application steps, from admission requirements to submitting your application to reporting your grades and accepting an offer letter.

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