Graduate studies

Department of Theatre PhD Dennis Gupa reflects on using the tools of applied theatre to bring about social change, build a sense of community and grapple with the effects of global warming on the world’s oceans and island nations. His doctoral research amplifies their vivid stories of ecological knowledge and vital messages about climate change.

Your passion. Your future.

Graduate studies at the Department of Theatre will immerse you in a dynamic academic and research environment, with the support and guidance you need to take your passion to the next level.

With graduate programs in directing, design/production, theatre history and applied theatre, we offer graduate students the opportunity to work alongside a diverse group of students in small classes and receive close mentorship from internationally renowned artists, scholars, directors and designers.

Students in our MFA programs have access to extensive industry-standard performance facilities that are paired with the artistic and technical excellence of an established university theatre company.

Learn more about our graduate programs, which we offer in the following areas:

  • MA in Theatre with a focus on Theatre Studies or Applied Theatre
  • MFA in Directing
  • MFA in Design/Production
  • PhD in Theatre with a focus on Theatre Studies or Applied Theatre