How to Apply

Applied Theatre PhD candidate Matthew Gusl ran a field school in India that helped establish an intergenerational theatre company for seniors and orphans.
Important Deadlines
Application deadline to UVic Graduate Admissions & Records 

 Feb 1 

Supporting materials submitted to Department of Theatre

 Feb 1 

Thank you for your interest in the University of Victoria’s Department of Theatre graduate programs.  We are excited to receive your application documents. Your application to our program must be made directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Outlined below are the steps of the admission process. These instructions also detail the documents you must prepare and submit, which are specific to the requirements for admission to the Department of Theatre.

Step 1: Review our Programs and Requirements 

Ensure that you have gone through all of the information in the Programs (in the blue navigation bar on the left side of the page) to ensure the courses and practice-based work will complement your desired area of research/study. 

Step 2: Choose a Supervisor

Find out about our faculty by looking under the Faculty research areas tab and determine whom you would like to work with as a supervisor.  You will need to provide some justification for your choice of supervisor in your Letter of Intent (instructions below).  Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be matched with this particular supervisor. We do not require students to make contact with a faculty member prior to submitting your application.  If you have any questions about our program offerings, contact the

Step 3: Prepare your Letter of Intent

Write a 2-page (single-spaced) letter that includes the following:

  • your academic and professional background as it aligns with the program you are interested in pursuing
  • your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree at UVic
  • your proposed research project/topic (for MFA in Design, suggest areas of interest and why)
  • a justification of how the departmental expertise and resources could support your research topic (remember to specify a potential supervisor and why you think this individual might be the best fitting faculty member to supervise your work)

Step 4: Apply Directly to Faculty of Graduate Studies before February 1

Apply for admissions through the UVic Graduate Studies online application. Ensure to read through the Review admission requirements link under the Still have questions? section for detailed information about the application and admissions process and the additional requirements for International students. You will automatically be considered for UVic Fellowships and/or Graduate Awards if you apply by February 1 and have a minimum GPA of 7.0 (see Financial aid & awards tab).

Documents and information required for your online application:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Most up-to-date resume
  • Two reference names and their email addresses (preferably people who have worked with you in an academic context). The system will automatically send them assessment information and a form to complete.
  • All post-secondary transcripts
  • One writing sample that speaks to your academic excellence

If you are applying for the MFA in Directing or Design/Production, a relevant digital portfolio must be electronically submitted in a single email to the . The portfolio must contain materials that demonstrate your practice-based work in the field thus far (maximum 3-5 creative projects). Suggested digital materials include:

  • a digital recording of an acting scene
  • stage manager's prompt script
  • photographs of design projects
  • a directorial concept for a play they you either directed or would like to direct

Links to Facebook or YouTube are accepted. File formats accepted: PDF, JPG, Word files (.doc or .docx).

Step 5: Review of Applications

Once you have submitted all of your required documents to the Faculty of Grad Studies, the graduate admissions committee at the Department of Theatre reviews your application and makes a recommendation about your entry into the Theatre graduate program within the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A number of items are taken into consideration in the evaluation of applications: the candidate’s ability to thrive in the program, as demonstrated by transcripts, letters of reference, writing samples, portfolio materials, and prior experience as outlined in the applicant’s letter of intent; the clarity and relevance of the applicant’s proposed research/creative interests and topic; the relevance of the applicant’s research topic/creative pursuits to the department’s faculty expertise; and, the department’s resources.

Please note that the final decision of acceptance is made at the Faculty of Graduate Studies based on your application meeting all of their requirements as outline in their website. That said, you will know of the Department of Theatre’s recommendation for acceptance in your MyStatus by March 15.


Planning your graduate studies is a very different process than it was for your undergraduate degree. You can use the Graduate Handbook 2023 for guidance or reach out to us!

1. Department Secretary

The Department Secretary is also your Graduate Secretary. She can answer your general questions, assist with graduate paperwork and is your liaison with Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies. 

2. Graduate Adviser

Dr. Alexandra (Sasha) Kovacs is the Graduate Adviser for all graduate students in the Department of Theatre. She can assist you with paperwork, funding needs, and is your advocate if there is an issue with your supervisor or Graduate Studies. 

3. Faculty of Graduate Admissions

The Graduate Admissions clerk is available to assist with registration problems and procedures.