Major Program


Theatre major (BFA)

This four-year program introduces students to a broad foundation of various theatre arts in their first year with the option of focusing in one of several areas within the Theatre major, or students can follow a Self-Directed program that will accommodate a diversity of interests. 

The Theatre Major program requires 36 units in Theatre, including at least 15 units upper-level Theatre, as well as at least 15 units outside electives. The one exception is the Performance Focus; Performance requires 45 units in Theatre, including 25.5 units upper-level Theatre, as well as 12 units of outside electives. Students are required to take FA 101, ENGL 135, as well as 1.5 units of another English elective as part of the outside electives. Majors must also meet minimum university and faculty degree requirements for graduation.

Students in specific focus areas (with the exception of the Self-Directed program) must maintain an average GPA of 5.0 (B) in Theatre courses of their focus option to be admitted and advanced. Follow the links for focus area descriptions or visit the UVic Academic Calendar to see course requirements for each focus area.

Areas of focus

Honours in theatre history (BA)

Students interested in Theatre History are able to declare the Honours program with third-year standing (27 units completed) and 7.5 units in Theatre completed with a GPA of 6.0 (B+) or better in Theatre History courses. Please visit the UVic Academic Calendar for course requirements for this degree program.

Double majors with theatre

Students may elect to complete the Theatre Major as part of a Double Major program or a Joint Honours and Major Program (within Fine Arts or as an Interfaculty program). Applicants from high school pursuing a Double Major should apply to Theatre directly and then request to declare their second program with the Fine Arts Academic Advisor when first year is completed. Continuing UVic students registered in other programs intending to apply to Theatre should consult both their faculty academic advising office and the Fine Arts Academic Advisor well in advance of the February 28 application deadline.