We believe that students learn about the art and craft of directing by directing. Our viewpoint is that a great theatre director is an artist who has extensive knowledge of the social, political, and artistic histories of world cultures. Students of directing are strongly encouraged to gain a broad liberal arts education in art history, philosophy and English.

We offer student directors the opportunity to develop their art and craft in the three most common architectural forms found in present-day Canadian theatre: thrust, proscenium and studio. Courses at the undergraduate level prepare students for the study of directing and introduce them to some of the key issues of directing text-based theatre. Students will have the opportunity to direct and present scenes and, in some cases, one-act plays. In exceptional cases, self-directed projects, under faculty supervision, will be approved.

Excellent mentorship is provided by faculty artists and by the guest directors who are invited to the department every year. Inter-departmental studies are encouraged and the theatre school enjoys a strong relationship with the Department of Writing.