Phoenix Rising

Students get ready to fly a hand painted backdrop for Dead Man's Cell Phone.
Students get ready to fly a hand painted backdrop for Dead Man's Cell Phone.


Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer Phoenix Rising as a live event in November. However, we will be releasing some of the behind-the-scenes video content on our Phoenix Fire blog for you to enjoy.
We invite you to join us for our free I Want to Be in Theatre event on January 15, 2022 which will also include some of these experiences planned for this event. 



High School Outreach Program

Join us for a new series of free online events to explore how the productions come together at the Phoenix Theatre and what our students are doing to make it happen.

We invite high school students (grades 10, 11 & 12) from across the country to our new Phoenix Rising program to participate in conversations with directors, designers, cast and crew of select productions this year. The event is structured over two zoom evenings on either side of an opportunity to view the livestream of the event. 

Events and livestreams are structured so that students can join in from across the country, with 6pm event start times and various options for livestreaming. 

Week 1: 
  • Meet directors, design & production team members.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes perspective on everyone collaborates to bring a show to life.
The Play:
  • Watch the livestream of the play online
  • Book your $15 livestream ticket (link per household) at 250-721-8000
Week 2: 
  • Respond to the play
  • Q & A with cast members
  • Participate in on activities to explore themes. 

Registration is closed until the next event. 

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