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Calling all UVic students!

The Equity Action Plan (EAP) sets out 5 equity goals. There is work for each of us to support the university in achieving these goals. Making long-lasting, meaningful change will require action from the entire UVic community. 

For some students, UVic is more than an educational space where they’re exposed to new ideas and develop new skills. It’s where they make friends, find work and live, and for that reason, we understand that our ongoing commitment to equity is essential for students who continue to face barriers at UVic. As students at UVic, you have the opportunity to be part of cultivating an inclusive, equitable and diverse community on campus. Your voices and advocacy will continue to shape the university for future generations of learners.

In this guide, we invite you to be a part of the important work in the EAP by reflecting on your role and suggesting starting places for action.

Thank you for your action, engagement and important work within the UVic community.

Reflection questions & suggested actions

The following questions show the many ways students can engage with the goals in the EAP. Once you've reflected on your role in building a more inclusive, equitable and diverse campus, consider the list of actions below. 

Have you taken classes or sought out other learning opportunities (e.g., workshops, department conferences or events) that explore topics related to equity, such as decolonization or social justice?

Suggested actions:

In what ways have you contributed to building relationships within or beyond the UVic community?

Suggested actions:

Upon reflecting on your personal identity, in what ways can you contribute to inclusion on campus?

Suggested actions:

  • fill out the Better Data Questionnaire to help UVic learn about who makes up our community
  • participate in UVic hiring processes and committees, email your department or faculty to find out about upcoming opportunities
  • reflect on how your experience at UVic may differ from that of others (e.g., access to scholarships or other financial support, sense of belonging, relationships with peers and instructors, etc.)
  • advocate for accessible classroom experiences (e.g., ask your prof to turn on closed captioning when showing videos, ask your prof to put course readings on reserve in the library and consider textbook costs, etc.)
  • show solidarity with different communities/groups on campus (e.g., attend an event, support a UVSS campaign, volunteer, etc.)
  • learn about being an ally to Indigenous peoples with this toolkit 

Are you aware of and comfortable referring your friends and classmates to the various academic and non-academic support services on campus?

Suggested actions:

How can you help hold UVic accountable to fulfill their commitments under the Equity Action Plan (EAP)?

Suggested actions:

  • become familiar with the goals and committed actions in the EAP
  • share the reflection and action guides with your peers, course instructors and other campus community members to start conversations around equity action on campus
  • sign up for the EAP mailing list to stay updated