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How to read the plan

The Equity Action Plan (EAP) is organized by 5 goals:

  1. Equity-centred culture
  2. Relationality and belonging
  3. Recruitment and retention
  4. Access and support
  5. Institutional accountability

These overarching goals provide strategic direction to advance equity, diversity and inclusion, and to create the conditions in which everyone feels a sense of belonging: as connected and respected parts of the university community. These goals are aspirational and will provide direction for the university for the next 5 years. Each goal includes the following sections.


Provides background information on the development of each goal, drawing on what we heard during community engagement. 

Committed actions

A list of activities that UVic is committed to undertaking as we work towards each goal. These actions include input from community engagement, adapted Scarborough Charter commitments and leadership priorities.


Listed senior leaders are accountable for ensuring progress on the committed actions. Units and faculties within their portfolios will develop activities to advance these actions. Other leaders and portfolios may have related responsibilities.


Barriers to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging that have been identified through community engagement. While these lists do not include all individual barriers that were shared throughout the engagement phases, they reflect the barriers that were most consistently identified across the community. 

Targeted actions

Actions drawn from the list of committed actions that address each of the identified barriers. Targeted actions are not meant to be solutions but rather starting places to address complex issues.