Admission to leadership studies programs

Admissions process

Students enter the Leadership Studies MEd and MA programs in September each year. The application deadline is February 15 each year.

International applicants must allow additional processing time (3-4 months) to allow sufficient time for submission of official degree and transcript documentation, English language proficiency reports and securing study permit.

Master of Arts applicants should have a developed research question and proposed literature review.

Masters programs

PLEASE NOTE: The EPLS department requires higher language proficiency scores than those required by Graduate Admissions and Records. See the EPLS English language proficiency requirement for more information.

In addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum requirements, applicants must have the following:

  1. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited university, with a minimum B+ average admissions GPA (based on the last 30 units or equivalent).
  2. Two satisfactory Graduate Assessment Reports (required and explained within the online application).
  3. A CV or resumé.
  4. A Statement of Intent (see instructions for the Statement of Intent).
  5. Three years' field experience or leadership role in education, community or public service.
  6. International applicants who possess a degree from a non-designated English speaking country will need to provide proof of English language proficiencyNote: departmental English proficiency requirements differ from Graduate Admissions and Records. 

Students can enter the MEd and MA programs in September. 

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks to process your application. The admission process can take longer and is dependent upon the amount of time it takes for transcripts, assessment reports, and documents to arrive in the  Graduate Admissions and Records Office for initial assessment.

If you meet Graduate Admissions and Records' entrance requirements, your application is then evaluated by the Leadership Studies admissions committee for review and admission into the program.

The admissions process is a competitive one. Each year, our department receives a considerable number of applications for entry into our graduate programs. Meeting admission requirements does not guarantee entry to the program. Only a limited number of places are available.

Mature students

If a person has less than a 5.0 grade point average in the undergraduate degree, they are not able to apply to a graduate program for four years and they must have four years of relevant professional experience in the area of application since completion of their degree. Then they can apply as a mature student.

Students must submit a complete resumé. Such recommendations must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students admitted in this category cannot receive transfer credit for any courses completed prior to enrolling in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

When you apply to the program, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will first calculate your average based on your most recent basis for admission, which is normally degree work. If upgrading has occurred, Graduate Studies will take that into consideration, in relation to the degree average. Normally, Graduate Studies is looking at the last 30 units (or equivalent) of your degree. Read about how GPA is calulated for admission to a graduate program

PhD program

The general admission requirements for a UVic PhD program should be reviewed. First, determine if your program cannot be undertaken in an established graduate program.

The Leadership Studies PhD program is by special arrangement only.

There are a limited number of spaces available, so with the special arrangement or SPARR, you need to secure the approval of the Leadership Studies Admission committee before you can apply to Graduate Admissions.  

Currently, there is a waiting list and should you be accepted, the term that you are able to enter the program will also be determined by the department. This is to ensure that all supervisors are able to provide our graduate students with the quality time and support they deserve.

You will need to submit the following items to the Graduate Secretary, attention to the Leadership Studies Committee: 

  1. A formal letter of application
  2. Your curriculum vitae
  3. A sample of your writing
  4. A well prepared proposal of your research area/topic
  5. Three letters of reference
  6. Transcripts with a grade point average of 7.0 or A-
  7. International applicants will need to demonstrate English language proficiency

If a faculty member is interested in your research and they agree to supervise your doctoral program, then you will be contacted by the Leadership Studies department. You would then work with your supervisor to develop a formal research proposal or (Special Arrangement form) including identifying and securing committee members.

Then, you would submit your special arrangement proposal as part of your application for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for evaluation. Please note that acceptance of your proposal by the Leadership Studies does not guarantee acceptance into the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Students are only admitted to the Leadership Studies Special Arrangement PhD once they have secured a faculty supervisor. For information on how to proceed, contact the Graduate Advisor.

For more details, please contact the graduate secretary at .