PhD in Educational Psychology

Graduates, Lindsay McCardle, PhD (2015) Senior User Experience Researcher D2L Corporation, Mariel Miller, PhD (2015) Manager of Technology Integrated Learning & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology & Leadership studies
UVIC, Elizabeth Webster, PhD (2019) Student success consultant for institutions & individuals (self-employed) Victoria, BC

Please note we will not be accepting any applications to the Educational Psychology PhD program for September 2024 entry.

Each student’s PhD program of study is individually planned and is based on an apprenticeship model of learning with ones faculty supervisor. It is expected that there will be considerable variation among students as a result of differences in academic background and experience, research interests, and future professional goals. 

The doctoral program in Educational Psychology permits concentrations in:

  • Special Education
  • Learning, Development & Instructional Sciences
  • Measurement, Evaluation and Computer Applications (MECA) - Note: this focus area is currently not accepting applications. However, applicants who are interested in the MECA focus area should first: a) contact the graduate advisor directly to determine if required coursework will be offered and b) and apply through the Learning, Development & Instructional Sciences program.

The program of studies requires that a broad knowledge of the field or fields of study be demonstrated through the successful completion of candidacy examinations. A major portion of the doctoral program is devoted to a research project culminating in a dissertation, which satisfies the requirements and standards of the Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Normally students are admitted every year depending on the quality of applications received and faculty availability. See admissions information

Program delivery and courses

The minimum total number of units required for the PhD program is 46.5 units. The program requires a minimum of 13.5 units of coursework, a candidacy examination of 3.0 units, and a dissertation of 30.0 units. 

Phd requirements Courses
Required coursework ED-D 660 Proseminar in Educational Psychology (1.5 units)
Required coursework

Advanced Statistics/Research Methods (4.5 units)

Required electives Electives (7.5 units)
Required component ED-D 693 Candidacy Exam (3.0 units)
Required component ED-D 699 Dissertation (30.0 units)
Total units 46.5 units

Courses and requirements are subject to change. Check the Academic Calendar for up-to-date information and course descriptions.

A minimum residency of one year is required. During the residency year, students are expected to be committed full time to their studies. Normally, a student proceeding toward a Doctoral degree will be required to complete all the requirements within seven years from the date of first registration in the program. 

PhD students write candidacy examinations in research methodology and in their area of specialization (for example, learning and development) within educational psychology.  The format normally consists of two written papers followed by an oral examination.  In the oral examination, the candidate will be examined on both research methodology and his/her area of specialization.

Students are required to register in every term from the time of admission until the requirements of the degree have been met, or formally withdraw in accordance with regulations set out in the University of Victoria’s calendar.

Becoming a Registered Psychologist

Our PhD program does not meet the B.C. College of Psychologists requirements to become a Registered Psychologist.
College of Psychologists of British Columbia.