Student testimonials for educational psychology

Amy Gendron

Learning and Development MA Graduate Student

Amy is pursuing an MA in Learning and Development. She has a background in Elementary Education and taught for the Calgary Board of Education. She has had the pleasure of working and collaborating with her advisor, Dr. Allyson Hadwin, and is part of the TIE lab research team. Amy's thesis will be on procrastination and self-regulated learning in undergraduate university students. Here's what she has to say about the program:

"While learning the ropes in graduate school, one quickly realizes how important it is to seek out and take advantage of opportunities to work in your field of study. Working with and for your professors gives you insight and experience in your field of research and the world of academia. Graduate work also affords you the opportunity to gain research and professional experience that will undoubtedly be useful in your future endeavors, whichever career path you choose

"Another avenue for graduate work experience I recently discovered is the co-op program at the University of Victoria. Gaining admittance to the program is relatively simple as there are no pre-requisites. Co-op staff walk you through the process of creating or updating your CV, applying for jobs, and even interviewing. What makes the program particularly valuable is the access students gain to positions in their field—positions that otherwise would be hard to attain such as those within the government or short-term positions such as the one I recently completed."

Alana Ladd

Special Education MEd

"I had my "aha moment" this week, when I realized my Masters has put me in a place where I wanted to make a change. My classroom is not working and neither are those of the other Early Education teachers. In listening to teachers, the same thing is going wrong with every classroom. This got me thinking and I realized it's not the classroom compositions, it's our model. The model does not work for the children we serve. I mentioned this to a colleague, and she said, "What are you going to do, take on [the school district]?" My response, "Why not?".

"My project is in motion and I am figuring out who I can start talking to. For now, I will do my best to create "the new model" in my classroom. It feels exciting to be able to identify what is not working, and I now have ideas on how to make it better. My masters gave me that. My masters gave me the "how" for implementing inclusion in Early Education. I imagine it will be years before I can make some sort of change, but I have my challenge with a plan now."

Marrisa Zerff

Learning and Development MA

"My plans after graduation are to take a few more graduate level classes for professional development so that I can register with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, and to continue developing my research skills and knowledge while working as a Research Coordinator.

My favourite moment in my studies was being a Lab Instructor for EDD 101  – Learning Strategies for University Success – as it allowed me to learn how to teach in higher education, and it was great to be a part of an instruction team with all of the other lab instructors. My words of wisdom would be to immerse yourself in as much practical experiences, and experiential learning to go along with your academic learning.

"The department has the most helpful, truly compassionate, and wonderful faculty and staff. Everyone wants you to succeed, which was such an encouraging and motivating factor for my success as a graduate student. To add, Dr. Runions was a great supervisor who pushed me to my limits, and helped me succeed. To sum up what I have learned as an Educational Psychology student would be how to integrate research into practice."

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