Learning Strategies for University Success (ED-D 101)

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The university experience is centered on learning new skills. And who says they can't be study skills?

Whether you're coming directly from high school, transferring from a college, or have had some time away from the classroom, we offer a credited course to help you become a better university student.

Based on contemporary research in the field of education and learning, this course ensures that every undergraduate student at UVic has access to the tools they need to achieve academic success. ED-D 101 will help you:

  • Diagnose and solve academic difficulties
  • Take control of learning, motivation, and procrastination
  • Learn evidence-based strategies for academic success
  • Improve exam and assignment performance
  • Set goals to optimize studying
  • Learn in a supportive and collaborative environment

ED-D 101 is a 1.5-credit course available to all undergraduate students concurrently enrolled in at least one other university course. It is offered to all UVic students on campus and comes highly recommended by a number of students.

View a sample of the syllabus and look at a video interview with Allyson Hadwin.

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