Undergraduate program planning

Information on this page is primarily for students pursuing a BEng or BSEng degree. Students pursuing a Computer Science degree should refer to the BSc major/honours, general or minor or interdisciplinary BSc or BFA programs pages as appropriate.

Common first year

Engineering programs talk

An information session on the engineering programs is held typically in late February to assist students in deciding which discipline to declare for second year.

The 2022 session was held on Tuesday March 8th. A pdf of the presentation slides is available for review, as is a summary of the Q&A.

Declared programs

Use a Program Planning Worksheet (PPW) to help plan your courses for your degree:
(updated May 2nd for 2022 Summer)

Note that these worksheets are for planning purposes only and don’t replace your Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) report once you’ve declared your program.

If you need support with program planning, please contact your undergraduate adviser.


Contact your adviser through the Engineering Undergraduate Office in EOW 206 if you are having problems scheduling your courses.

Bachelors of Engineering and Software Engineering forms:

Can’t find the form you need? Please come to the Engineering Undergraduate Office, EOW 206, or email

Computer Science forms