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The doors of the three buildings of Engineering: the Engineering Office Wing (EOW), Engineering Lab Wing (ELW) and the Engineering Computer Science building (ECS) are unlocked during normal business hours. In addition there are a number of undergraduate labs in ELW and ECS that are also unlocked during business hours for drop-in access.

Outside of business hours, building and lab access for ELW and ECS are controlled by an electronic card key. Students majoring in engineering or Computer Science should purchase a card for off hour access to the building and undergraduate labs during their degree program.

Non-engineering or -computer science students taking service courses (i.e. CSC 100 or 105) should consider whether they will require an access card, as the cards will only function during the semester in which they are enrolled in the service course and are non-refundable. Undergraduate labs are open during the week and do not require a key card for access for these courses.

Card access

Student access to the Engineering Laboratory Wing (ELW) building and Engineering Computer Science (ECS) building is controlled by a card key system. Please note:

  • that many students do not require a card, as the default building hours may be adequate for your purposes.
  • that students are limited to to one active access card; registration of a new card by a student will automatically remove their old card from the system.
  • that access to labs is automatically provisioned based on course enrollment and and your current engineering status.

Access cards are available for purchase at the main information desk of th UVic Bookstore. Instructions for activating your access card are included with the the card.


Please email if you have any problems or issues activating your card or using your card for building or room access.

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