Jacob Verhelst

Mechanical Engineering, with a Minor in Business, graduated with a BEng in Spring 2021

Verhelst stands outdoors during a sunset, with a vista of mountains, ocean and Saanich in the background.
Verhelst takes a break from studies at the top of Mount Doug, located near the University of Victoria.

Jacob Verhelst is the 2021 winner of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering Medal. He shares a few thoughts as he embarks on the next phase of his journey.

Thoughts about graduating: I’m excited and happy to be done, but also a little sad. I’m going to miss the university experience and all the great times, but I am looking forward to the endless opportunities that await.

Message to fellow grads: Congratulations everyone, we did it! Things sure haven’t gone the way we expected them to, but we adapted and succeeded nonetheless, don’t forget that. Good luck to all of you with your next adventures, whatever they may be. All the best, and don’t forget to have fun.

Favourite UVic experiences: My favourite part of my degree was the group projects. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on more open-ended projects where we could collaborate and develop creative ideas that none of us could have found on our own. But I also enjoyed the quiet moments in those projects, where I got to just talk with my group members and learn more about them and their stories and develop some great friendships.

Plans for the near future: Right now, I am working at the UVic Center for Aerospace Researchand having a great time.

Longer-term impact: I hope to be involved with the development of new green aircraft designs and the evolution of air travel in general.

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