Nishra Shah

Master of Engineering in Applied Data Science, graduated May 2021

Nishra Shah, stands outdoors on UVic’s campus holding a Faculty of Engineering sign and wearing a graduation cap.
Convocating engineering student Nishra Shah near the UVic fountain.

As she finishes at UVic and starts the next phase of her journey, Nishra Shah shares a few thoughts about graduating, the future and her time at UVic.

Thoughts about graduating: A two-year hybrid course (Master of Engineering in Applied Data Science) sounds like nothing less than an adventurous and exciting movie. Where do I sign up? The workaholic, adrenaline junkie in me just longs for this culture of fast-paced learning and a great opportunity-filled environment. The beauty and serenity of the University of Victoria campus amid this breathtaking city just balances it and makes it the best experience!

Favourite UVic experiences: The exposure to real-life work situations was unmatched in terms of learning compared to any other experiences I’ve had. I love to have challenges everyday and work on solving problems; the steep learning curve in all my co-op terms is what helped me grow my skillset the most.

Plans for the near future: I’m really excited and looking forward to my full-time opportunity with TD Bank as business intelligence developer.

Anything else you’d like to add? Cheers to 2021 grads! Against all ODDS – we are RESILIENT!

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