Kelsey Kalk

Biomedical Engineering, graduated with a BEng in May 2021

Kalk appears in the driver’s seat of a bus, her hands on the steering wheel and wearing a safety vest.
Kalk got to drive a double-decker bus around the yard a few times – a highlight of her co-op term with BC Transit.

As she graduates from UVic and starts the next phase of her journey, Kelsey Kalk shares a few thoughts about graduating, the future, and her time at UVic.

Thoughts about graduating:It feels bittersweet. I feel accomplished to be done with this chapter in my life, to be done with exams, and to have a degree, but I feel like there are so many “lasts” that were missed out on this past year due to the pandemic.

Favourite UVic experiences: I’m most grateful for the memories I gained from my co-op positions. From being on a submarine, to driving a double-decker bus, to even 3D bioprinting organoids, I’ve had many interesting experiences at UVic!

All four of my co-ops were located in Victoria. The experience with submarines was with Babcock Canada; driving a bus was with BC Transit; 3D bio-printing was on campus at the Willerth Lab; and I also had the pleasure of completing a co-op at StarFish Medical.

Plans for the near future: I’m planning to move to Vancouver and start my career in the biotechnology field. Trying to find a job in the middle of a pandemic has been an additional challenge because many individuals experienced job loss, and most companies are looking for experienced candidates. I’m thankful to have graduated with some experience from multiple co-ops.

Longer-term impact: I hope to excel in the medtech industry and collaborate in a way that strives to help scientists advance research!

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