Whitney Dluhosh

Software Engineering, graduated with a BSEng in May 2021

A headshot of Whitney Dluhosh.
Whitney Dluhosh appreciates that the scheduling of her courses and co-op terms enabled her to meet and work with many new people during her degree program.

As she graduates from UVic and starts the next phase of her journey, Whitney Dluhosh shares a few thoughts about graduating, the future and her time at UVic.

Thoughts about graduating: It’s a little surreal since it’s happening during the pandemic. I ended on a co-op and have gone straight into a job while not having any of those pivotal graduating events like convocation. So it kind of flies by and you don’t notice.

Favourite UVic experiences: The way SENG courses and co-ops are laid out, most of us get off track from each other. This ended up being almost beneficial because every four or eight months we’d find a close group of friends to study together. So it’s nice to look back on all nighters and study sessions and just to have so many good memories with so many different people.

Plans for the near future: My plan was always to go travel a bit before job hunting, but COVID has sort of decided that’s not for me. So I’m going to work for a while until the pandemic is over then look at rescheduling those plans.

Hopes for longer-term impact: I think what everyone kind of intends – to make a positive impact using the tools and skills I’ve learned throughout my degree.

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