AJ Messner

Mechanical Engineering, graduated with a BEng in May 2021

Wearing a blue UVic hoodie, AJ Messner sits on the top of the big UVic sign on a sunny day.
AJ Messner takes a break on the sign at the entrance to UVic.

As he graduates from UVic and starts the next phase of his journey, AJ Messner shares a few thoughts about graduating, the future and his time at UVic.

Thoughts about graduating: I feel excited to have accomplished a goal that I worked so hard for in the past six years. My future is looking bright and the confidence I have gained from my education at UVic is priceless. I believe the opportunities that my degree brings are endless.

Favourite thing about UVic experience: My favourite aspect of my time at UVic was meeting lifelong friends and partners and helping them achieve their goals, either by helping them study for an exam or celebrating with or consoling them after the fact. I enjoyed the campus culture and the camaraderie that made the long hours of studying a little less painful.

Favourite memory: My favourite specific memory is from my first year when I lived in residence. After receiving the results of our first MATH 101 midterm exam I was the only one on the residence floor to pass with 51% and I was celebrated as a hero.

Plans for the near future: Many of my friends and colleagues are happy to be done with school but I’m hungry for more. I’d like to pursue my master’s degree and do research into ocean and wave energy generation at UVic.

Longer-term impact: I hope that what I contribute to the field can help change the fate of our planet and preserve its beauty and diversity. I believe my skillset can create a positive impact in the world no matter where my career takes me.

Anything you’d like to add? Being a student at UVic has been the experience of a lifetime. I am honoured that my post-secondary journey may one day provide inspiration for the youth who are eying this area of study. I appreciate the support my parents have provided me and I am sure I have made them proud. They saw a budding engineer when I aced my first LEGO structure at an early age and they encouraged my curiosity. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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