SharePoint Online is now available

SharePoint Online is now available as a replacement for Connect (SharePoint 2013). Connect sites will no longer be created as we transition to the new service. To ease this transition, we’re rolling out SharePoint Online in phases. We are currently in Phase 2.

Phase 1 - service launch (complete)

UVic staff and faculty can now request a new SharePoint Online site for collaboration, communication, and information sharing. Learn more about how to request a new site on our SharePoint Online support page.

We’ve developed training resources to help faculty and staff learn the features of the new platform, including:

  • A self-paced training course for SharePoint Online site owners to learn how to manage a SharePoint Online site. This is required for anyone interested in owning a SharePoint Online site.
  • Microsoft 365 learning pathways, a collection of self-guided training resources for SharePoint Online, Teams, and other Microsoft applications that are included in UVic’s campus license.
  • The SharePoint Online and Connect feature comparison resource, a summary primarily geared towards existing Connect users who are wondering how to do what they did in Connect in SharePoint Online

Phase 2 - Connect site migrations

Existing Connect sites will remain available while migrations to SharePoint Online occur through Fall 2023. Connect data will not be migrated automatically to SharePoint Online. Instead, we're providing migration support and a variety of tools for Connect site owners.

If you're a Connect site owner, University Systems will reach out to you over the summer to schedule your migration.

In the meantime, site owners can start preparing for Connect site migrations now. To speed up your migration, we recommend:

  • Meeting with your DSS or departmental IT support to discuss technical details and create a migration plan.
  • Take note of who has access to your site or specific content in your site. You'll need to assign user permissions again on your new site.
  • Do a content review to figure out what data you have. Ask yourself:
    • What data do we still need?
    • Can this data be moved to an existing Microsoft Team?
    • Can this data be archived onto a departmental shared drive?
    • Can this data be deleted?
  • Take the SharePoint site owner training course. This is a pre-requisite for new site requests.

If you have questions about data retention or archiving, you can find records management resources on UVic's Records Management site.

Phase 3 - decommission Connect

We expect all Connect site migrations to be completed in Fall 2023. Once all Connect sites have been migrated or deleted, we will decommission the Connect service.


More information is available on our SharePoint Online support page. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Computer Help Desk.