Records Management resources

The following are guides and other useful tools to make your records management life a bit easier.

Watch this space!

Over time we will add more cheat sheets, guides, and other useful tools.

How to organize your inbox

Simple steps to keep your in-box under control.

Transitory records

What are transitory records?

How to clean up your Email inbox

Steps to quickly identify the transitory and personal email for deletion.

Electronic Records Management best practices

Advice on naming conventions, organizing the shared drive, management of email, and Connect.

What records do I need to keep?

A one page decision tree to help you determine which records need to be kept and which are transitory.

Document naming conventions

An illustrated model of document naming elements, including versions. You may choose to put these in a different order or your office may have specific elements that are more useful (such as contract or project number). 

List of primary offices for record types

An alphabetical listing of the primary offices for the classifications in the Directory of Records (DOR) (with links to the classifications).

Records disposition process

A summary of the Records Disposition requirements – what you need to do when disposing of university records.

Deleting personal information on mobile computing devices

When a mobile device comes to the end of its useful life, or when you wish to transfer the device to someone else, the device needs to be wiped of university data, in particular the personal information of students and employees.

Committee records

Advice on the handling of Committee files generally, including responsibilities and retention.

Why don’t we just keep everything?

To control costs, manage risks, and maintain efficiency in our work, we want to keep only the information that is truly required.  This information brief also explains some of the principles behind how we decide what records to keep.

Records requiring archival retention

A listing of the records which may require transfer to the Archives as their final disposition.

Brief guide to the imaging procedures

What to consider when scanning paper records to digital.

How to search the Directory of Records

A summary of how best to search for the records classification you are looking for.

General Advice for Academic Offices

The  retention rules of the records most commonly found in Academic Offices.

General Advice for Administrative Offices

The retention rules of the records most commonly found in Administrative Offices.