What every employee should know

UVic policy and procedure

Records Management is governed by university-wide policy and procedures.

Directory of Records

The Directory of Records (DOR) provides descriptions of the types of records the university has plus the retention rules for those records. In addition, the DOR identifies the primary office and the security classification for each record type.

Organizing records

Organizing your office’s electronic and paper records according to the DOR’s classification scheme makes it easier to find the records and to apply retention rules. Email for some software tools that can make the transition from your current state more straightforward.

Storing records

University offices are responsible for the maintenance of records from their creation to the time they are ready to be destroyed or transferred to the Archives (see each applicable retention rule in the DOR). This includes ensuring that records containing confidential or highly confidential information are appropriately protected.

Disposing of records

At the end of their required life (see the retention rules in the DOR) university records are either destroyed or transferred to the University Archives. Learn more about records disposition.

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What every employee should know