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Annual BFA Exhibition

The biggest event of the year for our Visual Arts department, the annual BFA Exhibition features the work of 36 graduating artists and will see the entire Visual Arts building transformed into anart gallery. This exhibition is organized, curated, installed and run by graduating art students.

Mustard Seed & Multifaith Centre Food Share Program

This foodshare program provides food for UVic students through the Multifaith Centre.

School Dance Sessions 2024

Please note that dance groups will be starting at different times within each session.

This event is part of the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. Festival information is available at

Session 1: April 22, 9:00 am
Session 2: April 22, 1:00 pm
Session 3: April 23, 9:00 am
Session 4: April 23, 1:00pm
Session 5: April 24, 9:00 am
Session 6: April 24, 1:00pm

Physics and Astronomy Seminar: Dr. Jaroslav Fabian, University of Regensburg

Spin Proximity Effects in Van der Waals Heterostructures

Graphene has weak spin-orbit coupling and no magnetic order. But when placed in contact with a strong spin-orbit coupling material or a magnet, Dirac electrons acquire strong spin-orbit or exchangecoupling. Such proximity effects render graphene suitable for spintronic applications that require spin manipulation. Graphene with strong proximity spin interactions can host novel topologicalstates, or form ex-so-tronic devices which offer spin swap functionalities: switching spin-orbit and exchange coupling on demand by gate. I will review the recent developments in the proximityphenomena in graphene, and present new theoretical results on the control of the proximity spin-orbit and exchange coupling by twisting the van der Waals layers. Finally, I will also discuss theemergence of new correlated phases in graphene due to the presence of proximity spin-orbit and exchange couplings, and the routes towards radial Rashba interactions.

Chemistry MSc Defense - Misha Zvekic

Advanced Instrumental Approaches to Study the Fate and Distribution of Emerging Chemical Pollutants
Misha Zvekic, MSc Candidate
Supervisor: Dr. Erik Krogh

Master’s Defense: The choice of prediction curve method and its effect on the estimated amount of DNA

Title: The choice of prediction curve method and its effect on the estimated amount of DNA
Speaker: Morgan Magee, University of Victoria
Date and time: 22 Apr 2024, 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: David Strong Building Room C126
Event type: Graduate dissertations

2-for-1 Drop In: Career Support & Academic Advising

What can you do with your degree? Meet with career educators and academic advisors for support.