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Biochemistry & Microbiology Seminar - Dr. François Jean

Dr. François Jean
Professor of Virology,
Lead of Antiviral strategies & antiviral therapeutics, Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network (CoVaRR-Net),
Founder of the UBC CL3 Facility for Infectious Disease and Epidemic Research (FINDER), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

"Developing novel broad-spectrum antivirals for pandemic viruses: Shifting the paradigm"

Philosophy Colloquium: Geordie McComb

Biology Seminar- Dr. Anne Salomon, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab

Dr. Anne Salomon

Professor, Simon Fraser University, Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab.

Diversifying Models of Nature and Modes of Science To Democratize Biodiversity Science and Management"
"Anne Salomon is a professor of applied marine ecology at Simon Fraser University with expertise in coastal marine ecology, social-ecological resilience, and braiding knowledge systems to informequitable ocean policy. Ultimately, she is interested in what sustains resilient relationships among ecosystems, social systems, and management systems. She is deeply committed to working acrossdisciplines and sectors to catalyze transdisciplinary research that addresses environmental challenges of concern to Canadian and global society. To that end, she cultivates research partnershipsamong Indigenous knowledge holders, government and non-government organizations, and natural and social scientists. She links science to policy by co-designing and co-delivering research withIndigenous, provincial, and federal government agencies and resource users, with knowledge mobilization as a fundamental goal of her research program. Her work incorporates archaeological andIndigenous knowledge to provide greater time-depth to her analyses of coastal system dynamics and to democratize ocean science and governance. Anne was elected to the Royal Society of Canada Collegein 2019, named a Pew Fellow in marine conservation in 2013, and awarded the International Prize in of Professional Excellence in Ecology in 2013.

Baha’i Devotional

Uplift your spirits through music, poetry, prayer, song and stories, and to reflect together on Baha'i-inspired themes such as the oneness of humankind.

Post-Secondary Disability Symposium