Training videos covering privacy, records management and information security are available here.

There is an orientation module mandatory for new employees and modules for existing staff and faculty including:

  • Privacy breaches
  • Records retention
  • Email management
  • Information security classification

Each module runs 5-10 minutes.

The Records Management BrightSpace offers 4 videos:

  • “Introduction to Records Management @UVic” is a 15 min introduction to the concepts behind managing records generally and  UVic records specifically.
  • " Taming your Email Inbox" is a 1 hour recorded session dealing with the challenges of cleaning up (and keeping clean) your email in-box.
  • “Document Naming Conventions” is a 7 min video describing best practices when naming files.
  • Organizing your Shared Drive” is a 9 min video describing what’s involved in organizing your shared drive.

After a training session, please fill out the  course evaluation form. We would appreciate your feedback, so that we can improve the content and structure of the training videos.

Additionally, if you want to have a group discussion on a specific topic such as “Organizing your Shared Drive” or need advice on any matter relating to records management we will be happy to arrange a visit. Send us a note at .