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Spiritual health

We’re a culturally diverse and multifaith community. Our spiritual care providers are appointed by local faith communities. 

Our team includes Anglican, Bahà'í, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian Science, Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Presbyterian, Unitarian and United representatives. Meet the spiritual care providers.

Students can connect one-on-one with a spiritual care provider. Please call us at 250-721-8338 or email us to book an appointment.

We aim to foster community, offer religious and spiritual support, and provide spiritual care for the UVic community. We offer mindfulness and meditation, prayer, weekly activities, retreats and workshops on a variety of topics.

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About spiritual health

"Every human being needs spiritual resources to help heal the painful wounds of grief, guilt, resentment, self-rejection, and shame. We need spiritual resources to deepen our experiences of trust, self-esteem, hope, joy and love of life." (Clinebell, 1992)

What are spiritual needs?

  • Meaning and purpose in our lives
  • To love and feel loved
  • To feel a sense of belonging
  • To feel hope, peace and gratitude

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